Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Maintenance

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Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

Synthetic grass tennis courts are generally reliant on playing on the synthetic grass fibres with a level of sand infill approximately 1-2mm beneath the upper tip of the carpet fibres.  Synthetic grass tennis courts will continually suffer from the layer of sand infill compacting and the carpet fibres folding over.  As such it is important to lift and open up the carpet fibres and decompact the sand infill on a regular basis.

Sand, being a natural filter, will trap particles of debris such as worn tennis ball fluff and air borne debris within the void space between the sand particles which will lead to a hard and poor draining system.  This will affect the playing characteristics of the surface as well as promoting the establishment of moss and algae. 

Synthetic grass tennis courts benefit from, either fortnightly or monthly, more intensive maintenance works which involve using a heavy triangular drag brush towed behind and small tractor mower or quad bike.  This action will help lift the carpet fibres and keep the sand infill free moving and decompacted.   The direction of this type of maintenance should be altered each session so as not to create a directional carpet pile.  It is good practice to remove the net posts at least once per month to clear the post sleeves of migrated sand and allow for brushing through the net line.

Annually the courts benefit from a Deep Cleaning and Maintenance service carried out by a company such as ours.  This type of service decompacts the existing fill to a greater depth than simple drag brushing, lifts it, removes a degree of contamination build up from the fill, prior to redistributing it evenly over the enclosure.  During the process the carpet fibres are lifted and separated and dead moss is removed.  Top up infill is then applied, if required, from the club’s stock on site.  How many times a surface should be cleaned and maintained annually is dependant largely on the use the courts receive, the courts location, and the man power and equipment to carry out the monthly maintenance regime.  It is good practice to apply a moss killer twice per annum, spring & autumn.

We offer a range of tennis court maintenance services to support existing maintenance regimes or to carry out a complete annual package.  More extensive synthetic grass tennis court Renovation and Full Rejuvenation are also offered together with comprehensive regular maintenance packages including drag brushing and an intensive Deep Cleaning Service.

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New Winter mats @URVGC looking great! Thanks @SSP_Services great service and products - Upchurch River Valley Golf Club