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Wet Pour Rubber Repair Kits & Wet Pour Rubber Maintenance

Wet Pour Rubber impact absorbing surface can over time (being subject to the outdoor weather conditions) become dirty,  subject to vandalism or small holes may occur.

SSP offer a maintenance service to clean, sanitise and  apply algaecide to a wet pour rubber play area as well as carry our any small repairs. We offer a one off or continuous maintenance options.

Wet pour rubber surface being jet washed wet pour rubber surface with jet washing machine at a primary school in Greenwich

wet pour rubber surface with specialised jet washing machine wet pour rubber impact absorbing surface being swept by specialist sweeper


Routine maintenance of a Wet Pour Rubber safety surface will ensure the playing surface is kept clean and delivers a consistent performance.

Essential Preventative Steps

  • Leaf and other litter can be swept from the surface.
  • Regular brushing the surface reduces the build up of an impervious layer on the surface which may impair drainage.
  • Appropriate footwear is used on the surface- heels, spikes and studs aren’t appropriate
  • Inspect the surface for signs of damage and arrange for remedial repairs promptly.

Keep The Safety Surface Clean

Organic matter like leaves, pine cones, grass cutting require regular removal from the wet pour surface. They provide a growing medium for algae and moss and additionally impede the drainage of the surface.

Stain Removal On Wet Pour Rubber Safety Surface

Most stains are easily removed with a solution of hot (not boiling) water and a non bleach household detergent. The removal of chewing gum is achieved using a freezing aerosol. heavy oil marks may be removed with a cloth and methylated spirits.

Weeds On Wet Pour Rubber

Small numbers of weeds may occur on the surface usually as a result of wind blown seeds. Small numbers may be removed by hand or treated with a domestic weed killer. Oil based weed killers should not be used on wet pour surfaces.

Snow & Ice On Wet Pour Rubber

Snow and ice are not harmful and can safely melt through a wet pour surface. Brushes and rubber scrappers must be used to remove snow. Metal shovels and scrapers will damage the wet pour surface and must not be used or chemical de-icing agents.

Maintenance Schedule For A Wet Pour Rubber Play Surface


Clear leaves, rubbish and debris from the surface and deal with any new weed, moss or algae. Inspect the whole surface for signs of damage and contact the installer for repairs.

Twice A Year

Check for moss and algae growth, food stains, shoe marks and arrange cleaning as appropriate, seek advice when needed.


Wet Pour Repair Kits

Wet pour repair kits are an economical DIY solution for the repair of small area’s in a wet pour play area (they are easy to use).

One repair kit will cover an area 0.5msq to a depth of 15mm.

Available in either coloured or black rubber crumb.

Each  kit contains a bucket for mixing in, gloves, wet pour rubber crumb and resin. Additional tools required mixing stick, a small trowel to smooth the surface, knife or blade to remove any existing loose crumb.

Please call for prices and delivery.

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