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Wet Pour Rubber Primary School Sports Mini Pitches

Wet Pour Rubber Sports Pitch Surfaces For Primary School & Academies

Rubber Sports Pitch surface for primary school doesn’t have to mean full 3g or 4g pitches. SSP’s smaller sports pitch often exceed pupils and parent expectations.

Rubber Sports Pitch Installation

A rubber sports pitch is created  when wet pour rubber is laid as a multi use games area surface .  Laid in the exactly the same way as a safe play surface, wet pour rubber sports surfaces provide a shock pad over which artificial grass can be laid , or as a separate polymeric type surface. Rubber shock pads or surfaces reduce player fatigue and can diminish shock to players joints. When laid the free draining surface can provide a almost “all weather ” sports pitch.

Wet pour rubber sports surfaces can easily incorporate multiply sports either with different colour lines or even different colour pitches within pitches.

St Giles School, Croydon

St Giles School (pictured below) had an old wet pour area which had become unusable and didn’t include a boccia court. The school cater for  SEND pupils and was keen to make this area of the playground more accessible.  A running track , boccia court and   table tennis area was designed in the rubber sports pitch flooring.

Following the successful rubber sports pitch installation, SSP was invited back to the school to complete a further two areas. The nursery area was supplied with a wet pour and  artificial grass safe play flooring. The play flooring provides an almost ‘all-weather’ outdoor environment allowing the pupils to play all day.



Boccia became very popular after the Paralympics in 2012 . Played from a wheelchair it is an great addition to a SEND playground making sports available for more pupils. Boccia is a precision sport and is related to bowl and pentaque.

Boccia is an individual or team sports. Players must be disabled and are assigned into four categories dependent largely on their ability to throw the leather ball combined with the extent of their disability.

The boccia rubber sports pitch size is based on wheelchairs and so the flooring required must be wheelchair friendly. Wet pour rubber is a good flooring for wheelchairs, it doesn’t impede the movement of the wheels for speed or steering, additionally it is less slippery than a wooden indoor floor. This allow the player the optimum opportunity to line the wheelchair into position for throwing the ball.

The rubber court fitted inside a running track.  Rubber running tracks are the preferred flooring for runners. As well as cushioning joints, the rubber sports pitch flooring can soften falls, and help reduce injury,

rubber sports pitch running track in red with white lines and a table tennis table rubber sport spitch rubber sports pitch - boccia court wheelchair paraylimpic sports

Nursery Flooring

SEND school wet pour ruberr







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