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Wet pour Rubber Long Jumps

Wet pour Rubber Long jumps and Athletic Tracks.

SSP can offer a rubber surfacing solution for long jump and athletic tracks.

wet pour rubber long jump run up

Recently installed Sites Include  Chatham House School, Ashford School and The Weald School. Above is Ashford School, Kent completed in 2011.

athletic rubber surface long jump

A Long Jump runway (usually coated with the same rubberised surface as running tracks, crumb rubber also vulcanised rubber) is used by the athlete as the run up to the sand pit, running as fast as they can and then jump as far as they can from a wooden board 20 cm/8 inches wide that is built flush with the runway into a pit filled with finely ground gravel or sand.


The Long Jump is believed to be only known jumping event in Ancient Greece’s original Olympics  It is far removed from the modern  event with a rubberised run up and large sand box for landing. Athletes had a relatively short run up and carried weights -halters. They were used to pull the athlete forward.



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