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Wet Pour Rubber Price Guide

The prices below assume the area is based and edged by others , has good access for vehicle and mixer to installation area and can only be used as a budget price, actual price will depend on a number of factors.

25 sqm 20mm depth Black EPDM Wet Pour Rubber @ £70 sqm Total = £1750

50 sqm 20mm depth Black EPDM Wet Pour Rubber @ £45 sqm Total = £2250

75 sqm 20mm depth Black EPDM Wet Pour Rubber @ £37 sqm Total = £2775

100 sqm 20mm depth Black EPDM Wet Pour Rubber @ £33 sqm Total = £3300

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Some consideration which will help provide an accurate quotation

  • Location of project – Please provide us with the exact address, where the project is based a
  • Access – Car parking or an approximate distance how close we get our mixer & van to the site, can our materials be delivered.
  • Storage– Whether we can store our materials, only if necessary.
  • Levels – Type of the surface, is it flat, sloped or even stepped?
  • Total area size in m² – Please state whether it’s one area or few different areas.
  • Total perimeter in linear meters of surfacing – We need to be able to calculate the amount of materials needed as wet pour surfacing is laid up to an edge.
  • Edge of surfacing – PC edging, Timber edging, Chase Cut, Wall
    Door Clearance, Gate Clearance in current area.
  • What is the existing surfacing at present – Grass, Concrete, Tarmac, Rubber Tiles?
  • Drainage– Does the area collect water?
  • Manhole covers – Do they require to be recessed or simply overlaid?
    Play equipment, graphics– Does the area require or have existing play equipment?
  • Colour of surfacing – Black, colour, mixed. Your choice of colours and graphics affects the wet pour costs for your playground facility.
  • Photos of the area – So we can get an idea of what the existing area looks like and what needs to be done in preparation.

Wet Pour rubber Base Works Price

Wetpour rubber base works can vary greatly dependent on the currents base, the location and access.

As a guide price for installation of 100 sqm of 100mm compacted type 1 base with excellent access etc to be approx £35 per sqm.

Base works are sometime unnecessary if the wet pour is going over tarmac/ concrete

Wet pour rubber safety surfacing cost is ultimately often the deciding factor for the area  of wet pour and number of colours.

Investment in a playground can seem a costly business but in terms of something used everyday by all your pupils and longevity of it is relatively inexpensive. Some surfaces SSP have installed have lasted for ten years and more. 

We can offer an economical solution for you wet pour rubber.

Longevity of a rubber surface will depend on intensity of use, stability of base, location and maintenance.

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