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Bonded Rubber Mulch Playground Flooring

Bonded rubber mulch flooring is a spongy soft play flooring made from rubber bark which is bonded together with a polyurethane resin.  

We specialise in rubber surfaces for children’s playgrounds and pathways for golf clubs, leisure centres. 

Rubber flooring can provide a durable pathway or playground area. They create a natural looking pathway which bend easily with the natural environment.

Poured in situ it can be laid around equipment and rubber mulch can accommodate shaped edges easily.  

Rubber mulch specification makes the surface suitable for covering muddy areas around school and around tree pits . 

Bonded Rubber Mulch Advantages

  • Drains Easily
  • Child & Pet friendly
  • Hard wearing
  • Easy to install in around different shapes
  • Low Maintenance
  • Mud Free
rubber mulch playground surface
Rubber Mulch

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Rubber Mulch Cost

Rubber mulch can cost less than other surfaces, this is however dependent on the required base works.

The cost saving with rubber flooring over wet pour or other synthetic surfaces is due to its abilty to be laid onto a geotextile over soil. 



Rubber Mulch installation

Rubber mulch is installed using a in situ method. The rubber surface is produced from vehicle tyres which are produced in bark shape pieces.

They are mixed close to the installation site with a polyurethane resin in a paddle mixer. The proportion of rubber to resin are important to ensure a stable finished structure.

The rubber mixture is screeded to the final required depth and smoothed to produce a pathway.

Once installed the rubber and resin mix require at least 24 hours to fully cure into the final surface.


Bonded Rubber Mulch Colours

rubber bark playground flooring

Rubber Mulch Critical Fall height

Bonded Rubber Mulch Fall height

Rubber mulch can be laid around playground equipment and provide the required critical fall height .

Commercial play setting are required to provide a playground surface which has a tested critical fall height.

Rubber Running Track

Bonded rubber mulch is an excellent flooring for running tracks.

With schools focussing on increasing pupil fitness the mile a day challenge has proven to be a popular choice. 

Running one mile everyday on school uniform at a convenient point in the day is any easy way to improve fitness.

During the summer term running around the school field is easier. The school year doesn’t alway coincide with the best dry weather for running on natural turf.

A rubber bonded mulch running track can help make the daily mile an easier run for staff and pupils. 

Soft and cushioning underfoot with good slip resistant properties a rubber much track. 

The daily mile can be carried out on any surface i.e. a tarmac playground or pathway. A rubber pathway can make it safer and more enjoyable.


Follow the link for great ideas on how to implement the daily mile in your school

Daily Mile Click here

mile a day runnig track in red rubber leading from steps onto school field
Wet Pour Rubber Mile A Day Track

Bonded Rubber Supplier

SSP can  supply the materials for you to install rubber mulch.

As a specialised installer into commercial playgrounds and pathways we can provide competitive prices  for your project

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