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Safe Landing Surface At Olympic Park Slide

wet pour rubber landing area world longest slidebottom of the worlds longest slide with rubber flooring

SSP Specialised Sports Products Ltd installed wet pour rubber in the landing zone at the World Longest Slide.

The slide has been placed inside the famous sculpture by Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond and now called the ArcelorMittel Orbit. The UK’s tallest sculpture became a symbol of the London 2012 Games and Olympic spirit of the fairness, co-operation and diversity seen at the games.


Picture above courtesy of ArcelorMittal
The slide measure 178 metres and will take a mere 40 seconds at a top speed of 15 mph. Safety concerns have led to the necessity if wearing a padded helmet and lying inside a bag.
Safety of riders at such a prestigious venue is of paramount importance. After the twist and turns of the ride, it is possible for a rider to be disorientated slightly and a rubber safety surface add another element of safety .
Black wet pour rubber was laid around the slides disembarking area. Wet pour rubber is a safety surface more often seen in parks and playgrounds in the UK around playground equipment. It cushioning and impact absorption means it can provide the required critical fall height around playground equipment.


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Previous works At Olympic Park – Rugby World Cup Host City

SSP previously worked at the Olympic Park, Stratford in The Fans Zone as the hosting City of The Rugby World cup.

As with the London Olympics sustainability was an important consideration in the design of the Rugby Pitch. SSP installed a temporary artificial grass rugby pitch. The pitch consisted of artificial grass over a foam shock pad. The foam shock pad was developed in Holland and contains waste material from the car industry. The artificial grass carpet is also temporarily adhered together with a system similar to Velcro.
The Fan zone was very popular and encouraged many youngsters to consider trying rugby.
After the fan zone was dismantled, the artificial grass was rolled up and the impact matting simply clicked apart. The whole pitch can be reinstalled at sites in Newham for community use.

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