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Beacon School New Childrens Outdoor Surfacing

Children’s Outdoor Surfacing From Planning, Funding , Quotation to Installation

artificial grass in children's school playgroundchildren's outdoor play surface

Artificial grass and wet pour rubber safety surfacing for school playground can almost instantly transform a playground.

Refurbishing the outdoor space in any school or nursery can be daunting. SSP can help with drawing initial plans and budget quotation. These can be very helpful to use when applying for funding or to help inspire fundraising by parent teacher organisation or pupils.

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Beacon School has a dedicated Nursery and Reception outdoor learning area. In order to allow the free flow between the indoor and outdoor environment for all the year the area required refurbishment.

Early years enviroment bark pitmuddy school playground problem

The bark area was prone to being very soggy in wet weather and taking a long time to dry out. This meant all the equipment in surrounded by the bark was unusable as well. The bark area dominated the play area and didn’t allow it to be easily used subdivided into other activities.

Working with our dedicated Surfacing  Project Manager, initial plans for the playground were drawn up which included a stage area , an organically shaped climbing frame and colourful surfacing.

Following consultation with teacher’s and other staff members, the playground layout was rearranged and a further plan and quotation arranged.

playground plans for primary aged childrenSchool playground plan

Following agreement with the school, work began in December beginning with removing the bark pit and installing the climbing frame and stage. A crushed aggregate base is used to level the area , providing a firm base and increase drainage.

ground works to children's playground children's outdoor playground under construction

Once the base works are completed, the surfacing is installed. Beacon School had a dual surface of wet pour rubber and artificial grass.

artificial gras play surface artificial grass in children's school playground

The new playground is popular with staff, pupils and parents. Children can play outside much sooner after wet weather. The surface is accessible to all pupils and is wheelchair friendly. By changing the main surface from bark to artificial grass the  play possibilities are extended. Artificial grass drains much quicker than bark. The new clamber stack climbing frame doesn’t dominate the playground allowing more freedom in movement and increase pupil fitness across the area.

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photo 5 wet pour rubber pathway school playground


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