Artificial Grass & Wet Pour Rubber in School Playground


Artificial Grass & Wet Pour Rubber In School Reception Class Playground

School playground with climbing frame with rubber bark safety surfaceArtificial Grass School Playgroud with Playground Equipment -St Ursula's

St Ursula’s Catholic Primary School reception class playground had seen better days. The loose fill material used as safety surfacing was contaminated with debris from the surrounding trees. The surfacing also made collecting of the leaves and other plant materials  difficult which had lead to high levels of debris on the other area’s in the playground.

The exiting loose fill surfacing was removed and the surface built up and levelled with aggregate. This provides a much leveller and more consistent surface with better drainage characteristics.

ProPlay PP25 Artificial Grass Safety Surface was installed over the compacted aggregate base. Proplay 25  impact matting is a recycled foam (from the car manufacture industry) shock pad which provides the critical fall height (CFC) required around the playground equipment.

Artificial grass was then laid over the shockpad finishing the safety surface. SSP 600 was chosen by the school, it is a 30mm monofilament tufted artificial grass. It has been used extensively in school playgrounds and nursery gardens and provides a soft sensory safety surface.

Artificial Grass School Playground Seating Area- St Ursulas infant School Artificial Grass School

Artificial grass was also installed under bench seating to soften the hard tarmac underneath. Click Here for more information on artificial grass for school playgrounds.

Artificial grass will be easy to maintain with the surface debris brushed off and removed. They whole playground will be much easier to maintain and will be more accessible in poor weather.

Soft Surface School Playground Completedwet pour rubber playground surface

The wet pour rubber area suffered from poor drainage due to clogged up drains. these were cleaned out and new covers installed to help minimise debris in the drains. The existing rubber tiles were cleaned   and the area extended with new wet pour rubber surface.  The surfacing was designed to include educational elements . A number snake was installed to help introduce basic concept of numbers and a roadway with crossing to practice road safety. Simple coloured square splashes can be used now to teach colours and identify the potential hazard of canopy uprights posts. Click Here for more information on wet pour rubber.

Wet pour rubber is also easily maintained with surface debris brushed off and any persistent dirt can be simply power washed off. Please see out playground maintenance page for services we offer including annual contract to keep surfacing in the best condition possible. Click Here to find out more information on our playground maintenance services.


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