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Suds Compliant Surfaces

SUDS is the Sustainable Urban Drainage System.

New driveways, pathways and other large areas are required by the environment agency to be suds compliant.

Rainwater percolates naturally through the earth when it falls on natural earth such as turf and soil.

Large areas of impermeable surfaces mean rainwater enters our  drainage system very quickly and can cause flooding. The Environment Agency recommends surfaces which are suds compliant in order to alleviate local flooding and water pollution.

Resin bond rubber and aggregate when installed on a permeable base are fully suds compliant.

Resin Bound Systems & Suds

No all resin bound system are suds compliant. 

In order to be suds compliant they must drain into earth/ natural turf.

A resin bound system would require a base which allow drainage either a special concrete base or a compacted aggregate base.

The resin must not be painted onto the base as this form a waterproof layer and prevents drainage.

Resin bound system can be laid on old bitmac or concrete but a drainage system to natural earth must be installed in order to comply.


bound rubber and aggregate

What is a resin bound surface?

A resin bound system can be either just rubber as in a wet pour rubber system or a mixture of aggregate and rubber.

 The addition of an aggregate make the surface more hard wearing.

We wouldn’t recommend driving over a wet pour rubber surface.

The rubber crumb and aggregate are bound together with a resin . The small pieces of rubber and aggregates have air spaces between them which allows water to percolate through it and then through the porous base.


The dual system is suitable for  all areas of hard landscaping which aren’t driven over. including :-

  • Pathways
  • Cycleways
  • Tree Surrounds
  • Playground Pathways
  • Grave Pathways
  • Canal & River Paths
  • Wheechair Paths
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