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Playground Flooring New – Artificial Grass at Primary School

Playground flooring completed in new artificial grass green luxurious surface

Playground Flooring

Playground Flooring - Artificial Grass Rather Worn & Old

Playground flooring can totally transform a children’s playground. Theydon Bois Primary School playground flooring had seen better days. After quite a few years of wear it was time to replace it. The school chose a new artificial grass flooring to replace their old flooring.

Artificial grass can provide a robust and long wearing playground flooring and is growing in popularity. Artificial grass is particularity good for younger children as a playground flooring. It is soft enough to sit, roll or lay on and will not get muddy or require mowing.




Impact matting

SSP is a leading installer of playground flooring in the UK. We were the first to be able to offer artificial grass with a a critical fall height. School playground require Critical fall heights  around playground equipment. We were the first to offer a recycled foam product from Holland called Proplay. Critical fall heights are achievable with artificial grass and foam impact matting from 1.3m to 3.0m.  Proplay impact matting also aids drainage in the area both vertical and horizontal flow  and helps to ensure all weather play through out the year.

Proplay-Sport impact matting is the perfect base  for sports playground flooring.  ProPlay consists of thermal bonded (closed-cell) cross-linked Polyethene foam (XPE or PEX). Proplay contains recycled foam from the car manufacturing industry therefore making it an environmental friendly choice.

Base Playground Flooring – Artificial Grass

Playground flooring aggregate base compacted over exisitng base

Base works for playground flooring can vary dependent on the existing surface. Theydon bois Primary School had an existing aggregate base which had some signs of wear but was in a reasonable condition. Once the artificial grass had been removed, the top of existing base was excavated and leveled. A topping aggregate was the compacted and leveled with falls for rainwater. This provided an economical solution for the client and also a firm base for the new surface, which should last for many more years.

Bases for playground flooring can be tarmac, concrete or a compacted aggregate. Onto a greenfield site a MOT Type 1 base is usually constructed . The area is excavated to allow for 100 mm of type 1 to be compacted on top of it. This need to be level but with falls into drainage or away from buildings.

For artificial grass a concrete or timber edging should be laid level with the base. Timber edging is always susceptible  to shrinkage and warping. Artificial grass can be loose laid at the edges as most tennis / sports court are. It can also be pegged at the edges or glued to a solid surface.


Artificial Grass

Playground flooring completed in new artificial grass green luxurious surfaceArtificial grass has developed quite a lot since the playground surface had been installed and softer, more user friendly grasses have been developed. New artificial grasses are available for both landscape and school playgrounds. The school chose a luxurious, soft and stunning looking artificial grass for their playground. SSP 600 play  artificial grass has been selected by SSP especially for playground flooring .  We have selected artificial grass to be robust but also to have  soft characteristic  for children to be playing on everyday. Artificial grass playground surfacing helps to ensure an area is always open for play, even after rain.

Artificial grass playground flooring is easy to maintain. A stiff brush can restore the  pile and a leaf blower to keep debris off the surface, make maintenance easy to achieve. We also offer maintenance services for your project to maximize it’s longevity.

We usually install either wet pour rubber or artificial grass playground flooring. Both surfaces provide an “all weather play area”. Artificial grass can be the more economically solution playground flooring. In some cases it may be laid over existing wet pour rubber, dependent on the condition of existing wet pour.

Artificial grass is available in different colours if required. Fish, flowers, number & alphabet snakes are available. They make a colourful addition to a playground making it more child friendly. For educational and for fun !

rainbow fish in blue artificial grass


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