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Timber Trail-Sloping Balance Walk

sloping_balance_walk_2400__1 timber trail sloping balance walk top

 Timber Trail – Sloping Balance Beam-Single

UK Pine price from £131.95

Technical Data

Length: 2400mm
Width: 125mm
Height: 434mm
Free Fall Height: 434mm

No safety surface is required

Dimension of timber single sloping balance beam


Sloping balance beams add an extra dimension to balance walk. Sloping the balance beam makes it harder to balance and increases the difficulty. Suitable for all primary aged children. The sloping balance beam can be a stand alone unit or part of a bigger fitness trails. They encourage movement in pupils but can be also used for chatting while balancing.

Each unit can be further enhanced with instruction signs depicting challenges for the children to undertake. These can be timed or repetitive. By adding a stopwatch activity panel challenges can be easily timed by the pupil themselves.

stop watch main activity panelgreen artificial grass providing a soft surface around wooden low level timber play equipment

Although a safety surface isn’t required for low level equipment we would recommend a soft ‘all weather ‘ surface is laid under timber trails. Natural turf doesn’t stand up to the intensive foot traffic around timber trails. Artificial grass is a cost effective solution around timber trails .

Artificial Grass SSP 600 Artificial Grass fake synthetic grass

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