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Timber Trail – Balance Weave

timber trail playground equipment balance_weaver timber play equipment

Timber Trail – Balance Weave Play Unit

Uk Pine Prices from £276.95

Technical Data

Length: 2800mm
Width: 375mm
Height: 1800mm
Free Fall Height: 450mm

No safety surface is required.

a balancing and weaving between post timber play equipment

Available in UK Pine and Radiata timber. A 2.8m single balance beam with upright post providing an additional challenge. Suitable for a wide age range.

An artificial grass or wet pour rubber surface is recommended around all trim trail equipment. Without soft surfacing the area under trim trails can become very muddy or very hard and bare.

Preston Primary School Kent Playground Artificial Grass Preston Primary School Kent with Artificial Grass astro fake grass around timber trail

Balance weave unit can be installed as single play unit or part of a multi trim trail. Activity panels can also be used to enhance a trim trail. Stop watches and result chalk boards can provide a more competitive feel and encourage activity.

stop watch main activity panelAlgebra Noughts & crosses and driving activity panel is red blue and yellow


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