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Thermoplastic Playground Marking

Thermoplastic markings in school playgrounds can add colour and interest to a play area  Similar to the graphic in wet pour rubber, thermoplastic playground marking can incorporate games, sports or education features to a tarmac surface.

Benefits of thermoplastic markings-

  • can be laid in relatively short time (minimising disruption in  school)
  • bright colours which remain colourful
  • adds texture
  • high durability
  • endless design options
playground surfacing termoplastic number markings
thermoplastic playground marking compass
playground surface- thermoplastic markings bullseye playground games
playground surfaces thermo plastic markings rocket ship education game
 thermoplastic playground marking
Whats the time mr wolf thermoplastic line markings , colourful playground marking
Thermoplastic playground markings colorful numbered rocker number trail
Thermoplastic playground markings logic Trail for childrens fitnes
thermoplastic playground markings bright numbers inside colurful shapes
Thermoplastic playground marking of fuel pump in green
hopscotch playground markings
Thermoplastic playground markings
Thermoplastic playground markings Four Square childrens game
Thermoplastic playground markings Four Square
thermoplastic markings Hopscotch Rocket
thermoplastic playground markings
Thermoplastic compass playground markings
playground markings fitness trail for school children
playground markings (3) children colourful number trail
playground markings
Thermoplastic Markings
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They are made from plastic which is heated to adhere to the playground surface.

The choice of  thermoplastic playground markings is almost limitless and can include-

  • School logo’s
  • Roadways  & safety signs
  • Maps & compasses
  • Sports lines for tennis, hockey, football etc.
  • Numbers & Letters
  • Shapes
  • Clocks
  • Traditional Games – Hops scotch, what’s the time Mr wolf, storm the castle
  • Anti Bullying Zones – safety areas
  • Safety signs and out of bounds areas

Although initially more expensive than paint in the long term thermoplastic playground the cost are less. Paint on playgrounds will fade much quicker and require repaint much sooner than thermoplastic playground markings.

Why use Thermoplastics?

• Environmentally friendly

• 3 Year Guarantee*

• Non Skid

• Fully reflective and complies with BSEN 1436

• Can be used within 30 minutes of application

• Available in 14 standard colours

• Up to 8 times more durable than painted line marking







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