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Outdoor Musical Play Equipment

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Outdoor Musical Play Equipment

SSP’s range of outdoor musical instrument include bespoke music stations and percussion based eco range and a wide selection of musical play panels. SSP’s outdoor musical instruments include traditional educational children’s instruments such as tuned xylophones and chimes to world music with Bongo’s and even ROCK BAND range including lead and bass guitars.

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Musical Play Stations – for  Outdoors Group Play

SSP can design and install musical play station for early years and primary aged school children. Music play stations can include outdoor percussion instruments such as drums,  bongos, triangles and cymbals.

To allow experimentation and development of the play station , they can be designed to allow the addition of your own items such as coffee tins , water cooler bottles.  Allowing  young percussionist to develop their own instruments and encourage listening to sound through out their day. Making the playground a more interesting place to explore.


music station triangle drum in one peice of play equipmentmusic outdoor cymbal in school

Eco Chimes -recycled musical play equipment

Outdoor musical play equipment is an ideal addition to a sensory garden or eco garden. Easy to install into playgrounds , urban landscape or park.  Eco chimes add colour and music to any play area. Their sculptural elegance  and engaging colour are enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Eco chimes made with  100 % recycled plastic post. Eco chimes are tuned by a percussion player ensure a enjoyable play experience.  The initial Eco-Music line up features Eco-Chimes in various configurations including: a Chimes Panel, Quartet Chime Post and Individual Chime Posts in 4 or 8 piece sets, a Bongos Panel and a Rain Wheel.

musical chimes playground equipmentEco multi chimes musical playground equipment 1eco multi chimes musical equipment school 1


Musical Play Panels – for outdoor play equipment

Musical play panels are also available either free standing , fixed to walls  or  part of a Tower Climbing Frame.

Music is an activity open to all ages and abilities and making music together can bring all pupils in a class together. By bringing the music lesson or group outside a more relaxed and social lesson can inspire more reluctant pupils to join in.

Outdoor play equipment is more robust than traditional musical instruments . This ensures music making is available during every playtime without the worry of breaking delicate instruments.

Big Tubes Playgroudn Equipment for Schools FIMUBON FIMPVITUB - Ally Tube Xylophone


rock band musical instruments for schools

Rock band are playground musical instruments with a difference.  The playground can be transformed into a rock stage with SSP’s range of rock band instruments for school playgrounds.

Performance in the playground can influence performance in the classroom. Rock Band can encourage allow performance of rock hits and encourage greater musical participation.

Lead Guitar Bass guitar school instrumentt for the playgroundsynthesiser muscial playground equipment

drums musical playground equipment



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