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Children's Outdoor Gym Equipment

SSP’s purpose built range of fitness equipment designed to meet the needs of primary school children brought to you from the leading UK  outdoor gym specialist.

First introduced to the Uk in 2007 , SSP can now offer this premium product to their customers.

Being outdoors has been proven to be beneficial to children’s mental and physical well being.

A schools outdoor gym in a primary school improves fitness, promotes social interaction. 

All equipment conforms to safety standards EN1176 & EN16630

Quality Assured – external quality control checks out equipment, testing our equipment to 300,000 user cycles.

Internal limiters for smooth movement , no bump stops or crush points.

Specifically for Keys stages 1 & 2 our outdoor gym equipment range is completely safe for primary school children to use. 

No surfacing is required for the gym equipment, we however recommend surfacing and can provide surfacing including.

children playing on various outdoor gym equipment
playground gym equipment
Childrens' Air Skier

1153 x 826 x 1068 mm

Designed for children under the age of 11. 

Swinging while standing is a joyful experience especially facing your friend.

No experience necessary the air skier gives even beginners a whole body work out.

Primary school arm and pedal bike with seat
Children's Arm & Pedal Bike

1148 x 478 x 1108 mm

A easy to use pedal bike suitable for beginners .

This bike can help build hand eye coordination.

 Designed for children under eleven years old.

 Cycling using their legs and turning the handles at the same time helps build core muscles.

4 stations children gym equipment 2 air walker and 2 hip swinger
Children's Cardio Combo

3180 x 770 x 1000 mm

Specially designed for children under 11 years old.

A combination of a double air walker with the children’s air skier.

Great for four friends to chat while developing strength, coordination, flexibility and balance.


outdoor gym equipment two station with foot bar which swing and a solid bar to hold in front of children
Children's Double Airwalker

2285 x 630 x 1000 mm

An easy to use and fun piece of gym equipment.

Suitable for children under 11 years old.

Our most popular piece of outdoor gym equipment.

Easy to use for beginners upwards.

Builds lower body muscles while having fun.

childrens elliptical cross trainer
Children's Elliptical Cross Trainer

1464 x 637 x 1436 mm

Easy to use for beginners. 

Suitable for children aged under 11.

Mastering the challenge of  coordinating arms and legs in fun way.

Children can set their own pace.

children outdoor gym seat with hand and foot bar
Children's Rider

2375 x 463 x 1900 mm

 The rider is a popular choice and is suitable for all abilities. 

The rider movement is similar to rowing but in a upright position.

Using the whole body both the seat , handles and foot rest move up and down.

Moving at their own pace children build their cardio stamina and muscle strength.

Suitable for children aged under 11.

outdoor gym equipmnet for children two seats with bar to press against for legg presses
Children's Seated Leg Press

2375 x 463 x 1900 mm

While seated children use their legs to push their seat away from the frame.

Competition can be created with the friend sat opposite.

This effective piece of gym equipment is very easy to use.

Suitable for children aged under 11.





tai chi spiner children's outdoor gym
Children's Tai Chi Spinners

1272 x 1058 x 1268 mm

Children spin two spinners at the same time in opposite and same direction. 

Similarly to playing scales on a piano the use of both hands build communication in the brain essential for language development.

Also develops strength in the arm and shoulder.

Suitable for children aged under 11.

Outdoor gym equipment two station for feet and arm cross training
Children's Double Cross Country Skier

1720 x 546 x 1346 mm

Working in pairs this double cross country skier builds teamwork, communication, coordination and muscle strength. 

Suitable for children under 11.

children out door gymm equipment three round pad to stand on with a central pol for twisting agaianst
Children's Hip Twister

1601 x 1429 x 1453 mm

For up to three children to use at once, children can twist independently or together.

Developing flexibility and coordination  in a fun way.

Suitable for children under 11.


childrens balance beam
Children's Balance Beam

3051 x 1925 x 314 mm

A versatile piece of gym equipment as well as balancing  a balance beam can be used for bunny hops, single touch down to name a few.

 A popular piece with pe teachers as it provide the opportunity for numerous exercises.

Suitable for children aged under 11.

Table Tennis Table

2740 x 1832 x 913 mm

Suitable for children aged 5+

A table tennis table provides enjoyment with a range of positive physical outcomes including co-ordinations, cardio and stamina.


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