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Activity panels

Activity panels are an economical and fun feature to add to a playground. Our play panels are made from HPDE and will not rot or fade .

Activity panels can be easily fixed to walls fixed to post or as part of a piece of playground equipment.

At the end of their life they can be returned to the manufacturer for recycling of the HPDE component.

Play panels can produce in a wide variety of designs including art, science, musical, timers.

They are ideal where space in a playground is short and add variety to the playground. Designed to be stimulate and encourage imaginative play.

Musical  play panels can include electronic and percussion instrument. Electronic panels  can be powered by solar power or batteries.

Scientific Panels                       Art Panel                                    Imagination Panels

mirror surrounded with showtime front

Mirrors Panels                        Musical Panels

Play panels can be combined to make a play station or wall/post mounted or included in climbing frame to add interest. Post can be timber or recycled plastic  and even very popular pencil post.

Algebra Noughts & crosses and driving activity panel is red blue and yellow


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