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Play Activity Panel Imagination

Playing shops is a universal game played by children and toddlers. A shop activity panel is a fun way to play shops outside . Below are just a couple of the shops available from SSP, they are available in a number of colours.

Yellow shop activity panel      

Mirrors are an excellent for self awareness and expression . The showtime and starlight mirrors allow practice for any young diva to prepare for his/her next performance.

mirror surrounded with showtime front    

Wobble mirror are a fun way to view distorted views of each other and the playground. All SSP mirror are safe for use in playgrounds and don’t shatter or become unsafe.

How Tall Am I?

Large height chart play panels so the children can learn how to measure and see how tall they are. Made from HDPE the play panels are fade resistant and will not crack or rot.

These large, colourful and fun “How tall are you?” panels are available in 12.5mm thickness panels for wall mounting or in 19mm thickness for attaching to posts.

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