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Nursery & Early Years Playgrounds

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Early Years Playgrounds Flooring

Early years playgrounds flooring has to catch all the falls from learning to walk, to running, jumping & climbing and also to be soft enough to just lay on or crawl on.
Wet pour rubber and artificial grass surfaces are suitable for early years playgrounds flooring. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages  and a mixture of both is common in early years playgrounds.

Artificial Grass

Sometimes Nursery staff are wary of artificial grass as they are familiar with sports grass or budget leisure grass. SSP’s artificial grass for early year’s playground is a soft and bouncy with a luxurious look and feel
Artificial grass early years playgrounds are easy to maintain and debris such as leaves can be simply brushed off or by the use of a leaf blower. Making it a safe environment for toddlers and babies to explore.

Colours and even graphics can be incorporated into the surface to enhance the outdoor environment and make it more child friendly. Anything is possible and logos can be incorporated into a playground design. Popular inserts are farm animal, flowers, shapes, and simple colour splashes.


Artificial Grass Graphics

early years playground artificial grass mat pink pig artificial grass mat cartoon cow white with pink nose for early years playgrounds Artificial Grass cartoon shaped Sheep For Early Years Playground Surface
artificial grass mat white and yellow cartoon chicken early years playgrounds Early years playground flooring Ealry years playground colourful fruit design in green artificial grass

Wet Pour Rubber Playground

Wet Pour Rubber is smooth surface ideal for nursery schools equipment. The wide range of colours enable it to be easily themed with colours, shapes, maps, numbers & alphabets.

Wet pour rubber can provide the critical fall height required around playground equipment.

Playground Equipment

Early Years Foundation Stage Framework encompasses children from 0 to 5 . This is a fundamental age in development with children transitioning from not being able to move to running around. Our playground equipment range for early years setting includes climbing frames, activity panels,stages, story corners and more.

climbing frame school timber natural small nest
Climbing Frames

Early years Playgrounds Activity Panels
Activity Panles

early years musical chimes playground equipment
Musical Play Equipment

Red and blue painted pirate ship sand box in school playground timber trail behind

Multi-coloured playground canopy
Umbrella Canopies


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