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Wet Pour Rubber Repair For School Playgrounds

If your wet pour rubber surface is reasonable sound but faded , patched or even shrunken a good alternative to taking up the whole area is resurfacing with artificial grass. Resurfacing a surface is a more environmentally friendly way to deal with very old wet pour rubber. It significantly reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill.

wet pour rubberwet pour rubber playground surface faded
Wet pour can act as a bouncy soft base for artificial grass. Artificial grass is available in a Brightly coloured artificial grass mat with circle shaped forming hopscotchnumber of colours so can be every bit as bright and colourful surface as wet pour rubber.
The development of artificial grass mats for a one piece insertion into a surface means the artificial grass can be full of designs The surface does not suffer from innumerable number of seams which can cause premature ageing of the surface. Popular design such as hop scotches and number snakes are readily available.

colours for artificial grass mats green brown white balck grey tan light green
The wet pour surface can be patched in a black wet pour which is much cheaper than colours if necessary and the new artificial grass surface simple rolled over the top. The system is tried and tested in the sports industry being used in sports courts for a number of years as a shock pad under artificial grass.

splash of blue artificial grass under activity panel on a hillock school playground

The new artificial grass surface will last for years and can transform a play area in just a few days. Providing a all weather type of surfaces which is soft and bouncy underfoot and hard wearing.

SSP offers a playground maintenance service whihc can help maintain your surface increasing the longevity of your new artificial grass surface.

artificial grass in Leapfrog nursery garden with children playingBaby crawling on artificial grass

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