Wet Pour Rubber Playground Flooring Colourful For Primary School  

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Wet Pour Rubber Flooring Solution For Red Hill Primary School

Wet pour rubber flooring and artificial grass play surface proved to be a big hit at Red Hill Primary School in Bromley.

Key Stage 1 class room had a lovely patio area just outside their class rooms. Small groups could be taken outside . The concrete flooring was hard to sit on and engage in play. Each class was sectioned by muddy planted areas.
Over the Easter Holiday’s the area was completely transformed with new colourful playground flooring. Two types of playground flooring was installed Wet Pour Rubber and Artificial Grass.

Wet pour rubber provides a soft safety surface. Wet pour rubber with a range of available colours. It is a two layer rubber system . Wetpour is mixed  and leveled on site. EPDM rubber makes a soft , colourful play surface.
Activity trails were created by running graphics through the artificial grass and wet pour.

These encourage children to use the whole are and encourage movement. Number and Letter Trails help firm up letter recognition and also the number orders .

Artificial Grass cover the natural planted area’s . The change of texture from artificial grass to wet pour rubber allows the individual class rooms area’s to be easily identified. Two separate trails allow the years groups to be semi-divided without the need for barriers. By not introducing barriers, to section areas, a over 75m length for running along has been created.

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