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School Sports Development Artificial Grass Pitches

What ever the reason you & your school would like an artificial grass sports pitch

“All Weather ” Artificial Grass Sports Pitch

An artificial grass sports surface is thought of a all weather surface. It can be used and designed for “all weathers” i.e. heating underneath etc this would be an extremely costly and a huge waste of resources. The synthetic sports surface can be used when natural turf would be too muddy , too wet or too hard/dusty.

Multi Use Games Area MUGA Primary School

BIG PITCH small pitch CardBoard Box

Depending on budget, pupil ages, abilities and number of pupils an artificial grass sports surface can be adapted to suit. Sports surfaces can be designed to encourage movement and activities leading to the physical development of pupils but also encourage the development of skill necessary for more formal and competitive sports,

Younger pupils may require less formalized sports surface than a standard multi use games area (muga).  SSP synthetic sports surfaces  incorporates

      • number snakes
      • hopscotch
      • coloured shapes
      • running tracks
      • jumping lines
      • alphabet ladders
      • flowers
      • fish
      • LOGO’s

artificial grass whale for playgroundartificial grass walrus for playgroundartificial grassartificial grass mat hopscotch in playgroundartificial grass welcome mat pink elephantartificial grass Snakes and Ladders 2

Mini Football and Mini Tennis can be marked out with coloured artificial grass or with different coloured lines.

muga artificial grass children;s playgroundgreen artificial grass 3g surface with coloured lines for football tennis and hockey

As pupils progress through a school the number of more organised sports and games can be developed. Thought needs to be given to the sports which are a priority for the designated area.  football tennis badminton golf

Artificial Grass School Sports

Multi Sports artificial grass is a multi-directional, compact carpet. Designed to enhance ball control.

  • Can be played on all the time
  • Even, stable surface
  • Good grip on the field
  • Quick draining and drying
  • Highly durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • In-built markings possible
  • Available in a variety of colours: green, red, white and yellow
  • Suitable for tennis, football, hockey, football, volleyball and badminton


Shock Pad

For MUGA and small court systems there is a range of shock pads.

A shock pad provides a shock absorbing layer between the artificial grass and the base. This is often the preferred system.

Insitu polymeric shockpad – this is usually a 15 mm rubber crumb insitu poured shock pad.

The advantage of a rubber shockpad

  • maybe reused after the lifetime of the artificial grass, some remedial work may be required.
  • adheres to the base and provides a single layer underneath the grass

Foam Polyethylene Impact absorbing Pad

Felt Underlay Shockpad

Sports Courts

SSP also offers sports cages which can be a temporary or permanent installation. Theses can enclose the ball space and allow more free up other areas of the playground.

portable synthetic grass sports court flooringMUGA multi use games area (mobile)

football pitch cage with green rebound boards and an artificial grass flooringfootball pitch cage octagonal shape rebound boards portablesoccerground



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