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Rubber Playground Flooring Bromley Nursery School Children

Rubber Playground Flooring

Rubber playground flooring is just one of the elements which transformed Little Learners, Bromley children’s  playground.

Working with SSP’s project manager, a brightly coloured flooring was devised to encourage play and movement. The flooring was required to assist management of health and safety in the playground.

Rubber flooring for children’s playgrounds is a two layer boned system .Which is  mixed and  poured insitu.

  • Safe
  • Clean
  • CFH (critcal fall height)
  • Conforms to BS EN 117
  • 25 Colours/Shade/Mixes
  • Hard Wearing


nursery school bromley playground before new flooring wet pour rubber flooring school

early learners nursery school bromleysafe play flooring children's playground rubber playground flooring children


Artificial Grass Playground Flooring

Artificial grass provided an additional texture and colour to the playground. The area in the corner was devised as a quieter area for reading, picnicking and playing games on the flooring .

Artificial grass is a soft safe play flooring. Also known as fake turf it is now widely available in diy store, garden centers and the internet.  Fake turf  is  suitable for the domestic market from these outlets. However care must be taken for commercial installation in school.

Artificial Grass & Heavy Metal Contamination

Non- European carpets may be contaminated with heavy metals. Heavy metals can be used in the manufacture of the carpet which makes the process easier and cheaper. However it is banned in the EU as it can be very toxic to children. SSP only uses European synthetic turf.

Guarantees & Warantees

Guarantee and Warranty are also important considerations. Newly formed companies can be very good at offering long guarantee period which are relatively meaningless. Without a long trading history a long guarantee can often not be upheld. SSP only offers guarantees and warranties which it is happy to honour.

SSP can also provide design and plans of the playground flooring. They can be helpful in fund raising and also engaging pupils in ownership of the playground.

Rubber Flooring Colours Available :

  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Green

Call For Samples of Rubber & Artificial Grass 01227463606

artificial grass playground school flooring

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