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Proplay Impact Matting Safety Surfacing

 ProPlay  Artificial Grass Proplay has been developed by SSP to provide an easily maintained safety surface which exhibits excellent physical properties , while being environmentally sound as it is based on recycled polyethylene. Content contains foam which is recycled from the car industry in UK and europe.

Proplay safety surfacing may be used for sports and play area’s where all weather play is required. Proplay safety surfacing for playgrounds may be used wherever it is wished to provide greater safety for children than is the case with grassed or asphalted play areas.

The proplay system is normally installed in a shallow excavation , although it may be installed above the ground. The system comprises one or two base layers of shock absorbent polyethylene , covered with a sand-filled artificial grass carpet.

The base layer is manufactured in roll or slab form from recycled closed cross-linked foam. This product reclaimed from from new car manufacture, it is combined with similar surplus foam products without using glue or adhesive.

Recommended layers/thickness is

Critical Fall Height (CFH)(m)       No of layers         Layer Thickness (mm)

3                                           2                                35

1.6                                         1                               35

1.3                                         1                              25


The protective top layer consist of a durable ,sand filled, tufted polypropylene or polyethylene cut pile carpet which act as a protective wearing finish. The carpet may be sand filled to beneath 2mm of the carpet height or may be a sand dressed carpet.The various layers of proplay are laid at right angles to one another so that no joints coincide.

The base layers of proplay polyethylene sheets are 0.95m wide by 2.25m long and 25mm or 35mm thick.

The protective top layer of artificial grass is manufactured in 4m and 2m widths by 25m lengths and in various thickness from 7mm to 60mm.

The visible surface of the cutpile carpet is normally green but is available in blue , red, yellow, white and other colours.

Impact Testing- When tested to BS7188 (BS EN1177(1998) dynamic impact testing over a series of 1,000 impacts showed only a slight reduction in CFH.

Fire-Test to BS 4790 show that the system has a low radius of ignition.

Heat-Proplay matting is unaffected by temperatures from -100 to +100 degrees centigrade.

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