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Playground Surfaces -The Choices

Playground Surfaces

A playground surface traditionally a grey hard tarmacadam  has been revolutionised over the past twenty years with addition of soft surfacing. Removing the pieces of grit from your knees at Sunday bath times has been relegated to a distance memory along with chilblains and balaclava’s.

The wide range of choice in Safety surfacing  or playground surfacing can seem confusing. There is a wide choice of playground surfaces including wet pour rubber, artificial grass, safety grass matt, rubber tiles. Tarmacadam and concrete play and sports surfaces can be painted with colourful slip resistant paints or with thermoplastic colourful designs.

Playground Surfaces – Wet Pour Rubber

Wet pour rubber as a playground surface is a colourful smooth surfaces. Designed for around playground equipment to provide a critical fall height , it is now extensively used as an impact absorbing surface over whole playgrounds.

playground surface made from wet pour rubber Playground surface- wet pour rubber wirth red play roadway

Wet pour rubber is a two layer system with a wearing top course and a base course. It is laid to a depth of 40mm as a standard depth in school and nursery playgrounds but can be laid thinner or thicker dependent of the critical fall height required.

Wet pour can add a wide range of colour to playground surface. The 16 standard colours can be mixed to add texture and interest to a soft surface. Almost any shape can be installed in to the surface , most popular shapes being roadways and primary coloured shapes.

Playground Surface-Artificial Grass

Artificial fake grass playground surface artificial grass pioneer school basildon

Artificial grass is a soft hard wearing soft playground surface. It can transform muddy , problem area’s while still retaining a green natural look.

Artificial grass is available in a eco range which has an 80% recycled material content.

Playground Surfaces- Safety Grass Mats


artificial grass school playground


Playground Surfaces- Thermoplastic Markings

Thermoplastic markings are a cost effective way to add colour to a play surface. Applied by heating plastic markings so adhering them to a tarmac playground. Unlike wet pour rubber and artificial grass they don’t soften the play surface in any way. They requires a sound surface for application of the markings. They provide a very fast way to add colour and games.

Playground markings are available in an amazing array of choice of designs, from simple letters and shapes, to space rockets, bulls eyes and number squares.

Playgrounds can become additional teaching space by the simple addition of educational playground marking  games.


playground surfaces rocket number game

Playground surfacw with colourful bullseye playgroud surface witha colourful number square 

Playground Surfaces- Anti Slip Sports Pitch Painting

Muga and playgrounds are often used for more than one sporting activity and club. The use of anti-slip paint can reduce accidents and colourful markings of the sports lines make the courts clearly defined.

playground surface with a sports courts in red and green painted onto it



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