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Playground surface cost are  important in choosing your playground surface. Whether working to a small set budget or a larger project SSP can provide budget cost for your requirements.

The choices for playground surfaces include tarmac, natural turf, wet pour rubber, artificial grass and rubber mulch. Each flooring type has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

For playground safety and pupil enjoyment a synthetic surface is often parent and schools first choice.

A safety surface required around playground equipment can be required or simply a playground may need brightening and improving.

artificial grass in blue and green around willow and play equipment theme

Playground Flooring Types

Wet Pour Rubber

Artificial Grass

Rubber Mulch

artificial grass in a natural playground with buches an dtrees and low level equipment
rubber pathway newly installed in school in mixture of earth tones

Wet pour rubber is a dual layers playground surface. This rubber playground surface is made from rubber crumbs which are held together with a resin. The rubber flooring is poured into place and allowed to ‘set’ for around 24 hours.

Artificial grass is a hard wearing , mud free playground flooring. There are many types of artificial grass playground flooring including sports turf, coloured artificial grass, play turf and short piled budget turf.

Bonded rubber mulch is similar in nature to bet pour rubber . The rubber is in the shape of bark rather than crumbs.  The bark is bonded in a similar way to wet pour and poured into place. 

Playground Surface Cost

Wet Pour Rubber Playground Price

Wet Pour Rubber Tarmac prices can vary depending on area size, colours and complexity of design and access to playground can play a part of the final price.

We recommend a budget price of £30-40 per square meter for the rubber surface for 40mm black wet pour. Additional budget would be required for colours and designs and depends on depth of rubber laid .

Base and edging would be an additional cost.

Artificial Turf Playground Price

Artificial grass cost depend on the type of carpet selected.

A playground artificial grass carpet is around £24 per square meter and installation cost are around £10-15 per square meter.

Base and edging would be an additional cost.

Bonded Rubber Mulch Playground Price

Bonded Rubber mulch/ bark is in the short term a more economical flooring and is the cheapest of the three surfaces.

Rubber mulch playground price is 


The manufacturers requirement for base work is can make this an economical system. 

Your Surfacing Base Work Requirements

Wet Pour Base Works

Minimum requirement for wet pour rubber base is a compacted type 1 base at a depth of 100mm.  The minimum depth rubber tarmac which can be laid over Type 1 is 40mm.

Over a concrete base a 20mm wet pour  rubber may be laid. 

Wet pour rubber can be poured onto most solid bases. 


Artificial Grass Base Works

Minimum requirement for an artificial grass playground surface is 100mm Type 1 base with a 20mm Topping Screed. Also a weed suppression membrane is recommended

Artificial grass can also be laid over wet pour rubber, onto concrete, tarmac and most solid bases.

Bonded Rubber Mulch Base Works

Rubber mulch playground flooring can be laid over a geotextile onto soil. It will benefit from being laid over a solid base such as concrete or type 1 aggregate. A soil base is subjected to more erosion than an aggregate base. The increased erosion and natural soil movement  will significantly reduce the longevity of the flooring.

Primary school playground with stone base
playground flooring baseworks cost
mile a day track base works

Longevity of Your Playground Flooring

A wet pour rubber playground surface can last up to 10 years, dependent on colour, thickness and amount if use.

Damage etc, caused by vandalism and natural shrinkage can be repaired easily.


Artificial grass playground flooring can have a life span of ten  years dependent upon location, maintenance, usage and  carpet type. 

Either wet pour rubber or artificial grass surface will give the longer lifetime to a playground flooring.

Bonded rubber mulch has the shortest life span. The lack of base works means the surface will degrade. the size of the rubber mulch sizes also make it’s susceptible to vandalism as Children find the individual mulch pieces easier to peel off. Typical lifespan can be as long as five to seven years but without an aggregate base this type of surface can begin to degrade within a couple of years. 

Maintenance Requirements Of Playground Flooring

Wet pour rubber playground  surface benefits from an efficient maintenance regime of removing debris such as rubbish and detritus quickly.  Leaves etc can allow algae to take hold.

Any repairs should be undertaken quickly to prevent them worsening.

The surface can be brushed clean and if heavily contaminated power washed clean. A disinfectant is available to enhance any cleaning.

The edges of a wet pour rubber surface may naturally shrink over time. They can be repaired by cutting the edging back and reinstalling.

Repairs Kits are available.

Artificial Grass has minimal maintenance requirement.  

Debris such as leaves and rubbish should be removed immediately and not left to build up. If left to degrade into small part will ingress the artificial grass fibres and provide a medium for moss, algae and plants to take hold. Sweeping the surface regularly will remove the debris and help restore the grass fibres.

A moss or algae killer may be required.

Vandalism such as cuts etc can be repaired with glue and seeming tape. Similarly fires on the surface can be repaired by installing patches.


Bonded rubber mulch requires similar maintenance to wet pour rubber surface. 

If laid over a non- aggregate or solid base then care needs to be taken that 

Any vandalism such as peeling the mulch pieces, requires an immediate remedy. Repair Kit are available.

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