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Playground Markings At Millstead & Frinstead Primary School

Playground Markings Brighten & Liven up School Playgrounds

Playground markings can make a playground come to life. Adding games, sports, numeracy markings and literacy to an schools outdoor environment can help achieve this. SSP can offer a range of playground markings services including sports courts, marking and educational graphics. Improving a playground visually can encourage active games and increase movement of pupils.  Ideal for revitalizing, renewing and rejuvenating a tired grey playground.

playground markings colourful games and linesplayground markings -colourful fitness trail of hopscotch, starjumps etcPlayground markings colourful hopscotch strart of fitness trail

Millstead & Frinsted primary school, Sittingbourne, Kent recently updated their playground with new thermoplastic playground markings.

The Headteacher Katherine Baker was impressed with the marking and the service received.”Absolutely love the markings and can’t wait for the children to see them. Thank you so much. I will recommend you to anyone looking to do the same.”

Thermoplastic School Playground Markings

Thermoplastic markings are applied using heat to tarmac surfaces. There is a very wide rangthermoplastic playground markings fitness traile of available graphics from number and letter squares, snakes and caterpillars to whole world maps. The graphics are very versatile and are available in a wide range of colours and shapes. Fitness trails can be laid using a variety of activity and lines etc. As well as allowing a numschool playground markingd Caterpillarber of children to be safely using the activities together they also encourage movement around the playground.

Thermoplastic playground markings can be quickly and easily installed so minimizing disruptiThermoplastic compass playground markingson to primary school and nursery  normal days. The finished project requires little curing time and ensures a strong, hard wearing and colourful design behind for pupils to enjoy year after year.jump star playground markings

A bespoke design can be designed working alongside pupils, staff, pta etc. School logo’s, children artwork and parents designs can come to life on the playground flooring therefore making a child friendly environment.

Caterpillar solourful school playground markingsThey element of fun and colour can really make a playground be playground markings colourful roacket ship with number squares for hopscotchmemorable for children and parents. Increased time outside has been seen to be beneficial to both attainment and mental health in young people. Playground markings can be one element of making a school playground more enticing and a dynamic active playground environment can be one element to encourage this.

PLayground markings compassChildren flooring markings world map

Playground Markings Painting

Previously playground markings were painted onto playgrounds. this is still the case for covering large playground area’s i.e. sports courts. The playground requires extensive cleaning before it can be painted. In some cases repairs of the tarmac undertaken. It is possible to include multi sports court lining to the painted surface therefore allowing the area to essentially become a MUGA (multi use games area).

playground surface with a sports courts in red and green painted onto itPlayground marking sport tennis basketball blue yellow lines

MUGA Play Surfaces

An alternative to painting the surface is covering it in an artificial grass or wet pour rubber sports surface. This can create a 3g or 2G sports surface. These can be very popular with staff, pupils and parents. They can make your premises fun and impressive. These types of sports surfaces are a great choice for improving facilities.

sports surface school playground artificial grass in school playground rubber running track in red with white lines and a table tennis table tennis net with artificial grass in green in multi sports pitch with soccer goalmouth in background

Artificial grass provides a slightly softer surface for school sports. An artificial sports surface is an attractive facility to be able to offer pupils and parents.

Playground Flooring

Wet pour rubber and artificial grass can also incorporate fun and colourful graphics. Both types of school playground flooring are available in a wide range of colours and can be adapted to most designs which are available in thermoplastic markings as well.

Artificial grass is also available as grass mats which can be moved into and out of playground when required. Hop scotches and number snakes are the most popular choices but almost any design can  be incorporated into an artificial grass mat.

See our Wet Pour Rubber Page and our Artificial Grass Page for more information

wet pour rubber playground flooring with colourful numbers and letters playground flooring wet pour rubber and artificial grass school playgroundplayground flooring artificial grass


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