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Playground Flooring & Play Equipment For Smaller Spaces

 Playground Flooring & Play Equipment

Playground flooring & play equipment for smaller play spaces can be a difficult decision. An enclosed barren area can be unappealing to children and parents. By adding play equipment and colourful safety flooring these area’s are transformed into engaging and challenging playgrounds.

St Anthony’s School Nursery – Case Study

St Anthony’s School Nursery play area was an enclosed yard with block paving. As well as being harsh flooring for a small child to fall on, they were no opportunities for climbing or developing upper body strength. Two pieces of playground equipment was chosen, an apex play frame and a clamber stack two. The flooring underneath was overlaid with wet pour rubber safety flooring in green.  The playground equipment and flooring fit with the leafy surroundings and provide an exciting play environment.

rubber playground flooring with climbing framerubber playground flooring in courtyard with a timber climbing frame

Playground Equipment Details

Play Frames

Playground Flooring & Play Equipment Play Frames are a multi-user climbing frame available in may sizes and play options. Similar to a timber trail in the available options but in a square formation.

Apex Play Frame

The Apex climbing play  frame main play components aresquare timber four panel climbing frame for schools

  • Jigsaw Traverse Panels
  • Balance Beam
  • Rope Walk
  • Log Rope
  • Tarzan Traverse

Aplex climbing frame dimension maximum 3675 by 2600 mm

The Apex play frame allow multiple user to be moving around the unit in one go. It allows the natural development of upper and lower body strength as well as balancing and co-ordination skills.

  • Surfacing Area: 38.4m2
  • Min Space Required: 6.51m x 6.16m

Product dimensions:

  • FFH 820mm
  • L 3162mm
  • W 3675mm
  • H 2600mm

Clamber Stack

The clamber stack range of climbing frames offers varies size, deck and slides option . The clamber stack a natural organic looking climbing environment for children to play on. The stretching and climbing allows the development of upper and lower body strength in addition to developing balancing and co-ordination skills.

Clamber Stack Midi






Clamber Stack Two

timber climbing frame, a triangular stack of large timbers with two ropes for adding climbing Playground Equipment Climbing Frame Clamber Stack 2



Playground equipment climbing frame Clamber Stack 2

Piccolo Clamber Stack- Small but beautifully formed.

The Piccolo clamber stack is the smallest and cutest of all the clamber stacks. The budgets price and size means it is a popular choice in younger children’s playgrounds.

Available with and without rope hand supports. Suitable for children Age 5+

Technical Information (With safety surface)

  • Length: 5035mm
  • Width: 4795mm
  • Minimum Safety Surface Area: 18.7m2

climbing frame school timber natural small nest Clamber Stack Piccolo with Ropes - Image 2 top view playground equipment school early years climbing frame

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