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Playground Equipment Freestanding Easy To Install

Playground equipment for schools and  nurseries a robust range designed with commercial educational premises in mind. Easy to assemble and economical with no installation cost.  The free standing range covers a five piece Nessie collection with chimes, black board, picnic tables and climbing units , imaginative play items such as a yellow submarine and animal themed tunnels . Each unit can stand alone as a play feature or be combined to provide a free play  stimulating environment.

If you prefer a different theme or colour please call to discuss.

Call if you you would like a quotation/ prices 0870 750 1432 / 01227 463606

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school play equipment castle playhouse play equipment storage climber back view playground nessie pcinic table Play equipment nessie tale chimes playground equipment nessie head chalk board 2 Lion Play Tunnel free standing tunnell play equipment zebra free standing playground equipment yellow submarine 2

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