Marlborough Primary School Playgrounds Flooring


Marlborough Primary School New School Playgrounds !

Marlborough primary school opened Sept’17 to a whole new building and five new playgrounds.


Exciting opportunities arose with partnership between John Lewis and Marlborough Primary School, Kensington. Marlborough Primary Schools old Victorian buildings were replaced with a brand new primary school building, complete with a dance studio and rooftop multi use games area.

SSP’s project manager worked with the contractor chosen by John Lewis Partnerships to ensure a smooth installation of five different playgrounds. The rooftop playground can be particularly challenging to design and install. SSP has been involved in a number of rooftop playgrounds  and include both play and sports flooring. As well as consideration of weight of the flooring and how to attach to the base SSP can draw on a wealth of experience. Rooftop school playgrounds can suffer from extreme temperatures but also wind and rain which can interfer when installing into these environments. Experience can make these processes run much quicker and ensure a high quality finish.

SSP offers both artificial grass and wet pour rubber as playground flooring.  Our exceptional work can improve your project.

school playgrounds
school playgrounds
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