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Essex Primary School New Playground Surface

Wet pour rubber and artificial grass surface ryedene wet pour rubber number snake2Ryedene Community Primary School  in Basildon, Essex  had lovely playground equipment for their Nursery class . They however had large grass area’s underneath which made the equipment and the the grass area’s unusable for much of the year.

Playground Ryedene essex before 5Ryedene essex before 7

The playground was renovated over the summer holidays with the installation of both wet pour rubber and artificial grass safety surfacing. The playground equipment was removed and relocated  opening up the area .

Pathways of bright number and letter trails were inserted into the blue wet pour and arydend wet pour rubber number snake road track added for extra interest. Wet pour rubber is available in a wide range of colours for a colourful area with the added benefit of a critical fall height. Graphics can be added to help familiarize children with letter, numbers, shapes and colours or used in games and lessons.

Click on the link below for more details of wet pour rubber surfacing Wet Pour Rubber


Two large 4m umbrella shades provide extra protection from the weather and and a umbrella canopy sunshade school playgroundscolourful environment to play underneath. The umbrellas can withstand a force 5 gales . They can be easily closed when the area isn’t going to be used in holidays etc or the end of the day. A cover is provided for covering in the holidays.

Click on the link below for more details of umbrella canopies.    Canopies/Sunshade

Artificial grass with a stone base and drainage was added to the natural grass areas. These ryedene 4 artificial grassarea’s were very problematic for the 3 year olds in the class as the became very slippery in the rain. The new artificial grass area provides a more robust surface for all year round play. Artificial grass is a soft enough for sitting and crawling on and it drains better than artificial grass meaning the area can be used more.

Click on the link below for more details of artificial grass surfacing.  Artificial Grass

The area was surrounded by new bow top fencing with wide safety gates .Allowing easier bow top fencing primary school playgroundaccess and providing a boundary for the youngest pupils. Bow top fencing is popular in schools as it allows pupils to see through it but still providing a secure area. Available in a variety of colours and heights.

A second court yard area was also had an area of artificial grass installed.  The pretty sitting and reading area can look good all year and be used much more. No more keep of the grass signs.

ryedene primary essex artificial grass artificial grass courtyard




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