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Clamber Frames for Under 5’s At Grove Park Pre-School , Bromley Kent

Grove Park Pre-School in  Bromley, Kent is who wanted something more than a traditional playhouse and sandpit seen in many nurseries. A clamber frame surrounded with wet pour rubber seemed an ideal choice for them. SSP team installed a wet pour base around an under 5’s clamber frame .

Commercial playground equipment is a new addition to the SSP range of services. Our aim with  playground equipment is to balance sustainability with adventurous and challenging play equipment. Our under 5’s clamber frame is a scaled down version of our 3 junior clamber frames. Clamber frames offer a more organic shape with the challenges of climbing in a less straight forward manner the a traditional climbing frame. For the under 5’s the clamber frame also offers post for den building by simple placing sheets over in the same way a traditional dryer was used. Clambers  can be themed with simple props for the children as pirate ships and mermaid rocks, look out towers, our simple peering out of the garden in the beyond. Combined with safety surfacing ,nursery gardens and school playgrounds can become challenging outdoor spaces.

Clamber frame Grove Park Nursery Wembley

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