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Children’s Climbing Frame & Safety Flooring at a Kent Primary

Climbing Frames for Younger Pupils

Climbing Frames can add increased physical activity in a playground. Just by climbing up a child’s view can be changed.

Climbing frames in a commercial setting such as the one pictured at Lydden Primary School In Kent have an element of risk. This risk can be offset by selecting an appropriate safety flooring.  A school or nursery playground will have much more use than a garden and often the areas around play equipment can quickly become worn and potentially dangerous to users.  Natural turf can offer a degree of fall height but is subject to changing conditions due to natural processes. A safety flooring is the desired solution in many schools and nurseries.

SSP offers a number of safety flooring solutions for your play area. Wet Pour Rubber & Artificial Grass are firm favorites for many schools and parks.

Wet Pour Rubber

Wet Pour Rubber as pictured below is available in a wide range of colours and provides a smooth less textured surface than artificial grass. A full primary colour was installed at Lydden Primary School but black , patterns and even mixes of colours are possible.

For more information on Wet Pour Rubber, please follow the links –

Artificial Grass Safety Surfacing

SSP’s artificial grass range has been developed with the school playground and sports market in mind. The range includes very soft grasses which have a luxurious look and feel and also hard wearing shorter pile grasses suitable for  sports.

For more information on artificial grass, please follow the links _

Climbing Frame

Clamber Stack Midi as pictured below is an ideal solution for pre-prep , infant and older nursery school garden. The clamber stack  midi offers a variety of play choices

  • play panels for imaginative play
  • deck area for a different perspective of the play area
  • rope climbing  for developing co-ordination and upper body strength
  • climbing wall panel for more co-ordination and lower and upper body strength building
  •  a slide as they are always fun

The play panels pictured below can be customized with a choice of colours and an extensive range of play panels options. SSP’s play panel range includes the classic children’s shops i.e the post office, musical panels, science and nature through to literacy and numeracy panels. The clamber stack’s deck provides a small hidey hole space below it, perfect for being a shop keeper.

For more information of the range of panel option, please follow the link  – Play Panels

SSP’s clamber stack range of climbing frames start with the small piccolo for younger children to the very large clamber stack five which stand 3m tall and is suitable for older primary school children.

For more information on clamber stack climbing frame, please follow the link – Clamber Stacks



plastic red slide attached to large timber port type climbing frame

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