Artificial Grass Flooring Holiday Park Swimming Pool


Artificial Grass Flooring Holiday Park Swimming Pool Refurbishment

Artificial grass flooring was included in the refurbishment at Thorpe Park Holiday Park, Cleethorpes, Lancashire.

The Park has an indoor and outdoor pool area with a meandering lazy river ride , which is very popular with families.  A hard paving can get very hot in the summer and is hard under foot. holiday parks, schools and leisure centre pools often are faced with the choice of rubber or artificial grass flooring for pool surrounds. Artificial Grass flooring was chosen in two different colours to demarcate the different areas. Blue artificial grass around the lazy river brightens the surrounding area while providing a hygienic safe flooring for users comfort. A more traditional green artificial grass flooring for a relaxed seating / resting area finishes the outside area off.

SSP worked for Ereconomic Construction on the development of the lazy river area therefore ensuring the project ran smoothly and to the clients deadline. For visitor to the Haven Park, the refurbishment will help make their holiday a memorable and enjoyable experience.

artificial grass flooring pool surround holiday parkartificial gras blue pool surround

artificial grass swimming pool river rideartificial grass flooring swimming pool surround

holiday park swimming pool surround

SSP100/ 102  Mulitplay is especially suitable for high footfall areas with a dense curly pile for added durability.

Artificial Grass Flooring – Multiplay Specifications

Multi Play
• Pile Material : 100% PE monofilament
• Pile Quality: 100% European Product, free of heavy metals and toxics
• Pile Weight: approx. 1.050 g/m2
• Pile Height: approx. 24mm
• Total Height: approx. 26mm
• Total Weight: approx. 2.285 gr/m2
• Water Permeability: >60 liter per m2 per minute
• UV Stability: According to EN 14836/ 8 Years for Northern Europe

SSP’s artificial grass multiplay is available in seven different colours green, white, orange, yellow, red, and black.


artificial grass bright red artificial grass bright yellow artificial grass white artificial grass orange artificial grass green artificial grass flooring blue artificial grass flooring black


Wet pour rubber flooring pool surround

Wet pour rubber can also provide a colourful, smooth and ‘bouncy’ flooring for pool surrounds and can dramatically improve the user experience. As well as an exceptional flooring for playground , wet pour rubber flooring.

SSP has installed wet pour rubber in a number of pool surrounds. Wet pour rubber is also available in a wide range of colours . The colours may be blended to produce a visual textured surface and graphics can also be easily added. To see our full range of wet pour colours Click Here


Rubber flooring around an swimming pool


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