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Artificial Grass Sports Pitches For School Playgrounds

Artificial grass has transformed many school playgrounds into sports and  play surfaces. SSP has installed artificial grass sports pitches in school, sports and leisure clubs.

We can offer a enclosed sport pitches which can be permanent or mobile enclosed pitches or the more traditional MUGA (multi use games area) and run around area’s.

Artificial Grass Sports Pitches

artificial grass sports surfaces

Artificial Grass Sports Playground

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Sports Surface

Artificial grass Playground Tennis Courts In Blue

Artificial Grass Sports Playground Surface
- Tennis

Artificial Grass Sports & Play

artificial grass playground
MUGA artificial grass

mini artificial grasss indoor soccer pitch

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Multi Use Games Area

Artificial Grass Multi Use Games Area

Synthetci Turf Multi Use Sports & Play Area

Synthetic Turf Multi Use Sports & Play Area

community playground

Community Playground

Multi Use Games Area (2)

Multi Use Games Area

 Playground Synthetic Grass

Playground Synthetic Grass

 Synthetic Turf School Playground

Synthetic Turf School Playground

MUGA artificial grass playground netting

Artificial Grass Netting

Artificial grass 3g

Artificial Grass MUGA

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Many schools have hard tarmac area’s which are used for physical education classes and break times , these can be transformed with artificial grass into full or mini sports pitches with the additional elements for play.


3G / Third Generation Sports Pitches

3g or third generation sports pitches are rubber and sand filled artificial grass sports pitches. Although not used for premiers football matches in the UK, they have grown exponentially in the more casual user and training pitch markets in recent years.

3g pitches are installed on an engineered base with a rubber or foam shock pad onto which a long pile football synthetic turf is laid. The synthetic turf is filled with rubber crumb or rubber crumb and sand.


Primary School Sports Pitches

For most primaries a full 3g sports pitch is out of reach financially therefore an astro pitch becomes something aspired to but unobtainable A full 3G or third generation pitches are also not necessary for the level of sports being played on them by most primary school pupils. The growth of smaller pitches for younger children and the FA promotion of small sided football has there for see the growth of primary school artificial grass sports pitches.


School Sports Surfaces

School sports can be enhanced for all ages with the addition of an artificial grass playground surface. The ‘astro’ as named by school communities who have installed artificial grass sports areas encourage all children to play sports more and increases participation.

For a  Primary School a sand filled or sand dressed second generation sports surface provides a outstanding hard wearing surface with natural playing characteristics which exceeds their expectations.  SSPs’ artificial grass sports pitches have inlaid lines which negate the need to have them painted on each year.

Artificial Grass

SSP 800 Artificial grass is an ideal choice for multi play surfaces.  A single green tone in colour with densely packed fibers

Artificial Grass for multiplay SSP800 artificialgrass for outdoor play

SSP 300 Artificial grass is available in different colours. With a pile height of 24 mm and curly fibers made from PE polyethylene in one colour it is very hard wearing. SSP300 is suitable for multi-use-games areas, playgrounds and early years outdoor surfacing.

Red artificial grass for outdoor play Artificial grass bright blue for children outdoor play artificial grass yellow fake turf for outdoor play surfaces Artificial Grass Black for school playground artificial grass white for fake snow, sport lines coloured artificial grass for childrens play

Polymeric Sports Surfacing / Wet Pour Rubber Sports Flooring

Also available Wet Pour Rubber Sports Surfacing

rubber running track in red with white lines and a table tennis tableboccia court wheelchair paraylimpic sports


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