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Artificial Grass Exhibition Shops Shows

Artificial grass is a perfect solution for event, exhibitions, restaurant & hotels.

Artificial grass transforms dull grey surfacing and provides a robust easily maintained surface. Artificial grass delivers  a positive , healthy , creative and fun outdoor image  to an event or restaurant seating area. Customer increasingly add value to products associated with with positive , outdoor natural products an artificial grass area can bring the outdoor to events in even the most extremely urban area’s.

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Coloured artificial grasses provide a funky fresh vibe to exhibitions area’s. Coloured artificial grass can make any surface stand out from the crowd. Outdoor carpet is the natural accompaniment to decking , outdoor bean bags , gazebo’s and spa’s. Artificial grass is perfect for showing these products off to the maximum effect so increasing sales.

Artificial grass for public houses is useful for seating area’s , play area’s and smoking zones.

Seating area’s and smoking zones all suffer from high foot traffic and require all year round use . SSP’s range of artificial grass can provide a budget hard wearing short pile grass or a longer more luxurious pile for a more exclusive seating area.

Play area’s in public houses like commercial playground require safety surfacing and artificial grass is an ideal choice. Hard wearing but retaining a natural garden look a number of artificial grasses are suitable for public house gardens.

When combined with proplay impact matting, artificial grass flooring can provide an impact absorbing surface for around playground equipment.









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