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Artificial Grass Artificial Lawns & Artificial Sports Surfaces

 Artificial Grass/ Artificial Lawns

Artificial grass has many application from school playground, nursery gardens , sport areas, putting greens , lawns and poolside and multi sport games area’s.  Artificial grass provides an ‘all weather ‘  surface for play ,education and sports. SSP has been installing artificial grass for over 17 years and can provide a full installation service or supply one of our artificial grasses.

artificial grass in a natural playground with buches an dtrees and low level equipmentartificial grass sports playground

Why artificial Grass?

Artificial grass solves many of the problems of natural turf. Freshly cut lawn smells and looks fantastic in the summer. It does need constantly mowing and there are some situations where grass simply won’t grow (under trees and shrubs) . Artificial lawns are a modern solution to the age old problem of muddy ‘grassed’ areas particularly in area where grass would never grow. It is a soft and safe solution to many surfacing problems.

Modern yarns and production methods means modern artificial grass is soft to the touch . Artificial grass is no longer the rough ‘brillo pad’ type surface many of us remember playing sports on. SSP’s range of grasses is now extensive with soft leisure grass ,that is touchable soft to next generation  4G Sports grasses.

 artificial grass school playgroundArtificial Grass MUGA Playground

 Which artificial grass is for me?

Please see our grass product page for our range of grasses. For advice on which grass is best suited call our experts are happy to help . We can send free sample .

How is artificial grass made?

Artificial grass is made in the same way as household carpet  with machines that are able to produce the longer pile height needed . It is either tufted or woven and backed with latex.  SSP artificial grass is made with the highest quality yarns of either polyurethanes or polypropylene. By blending colour yarn length and yarn shape a very realistic long soft leisure lawn may be produced or a tougher sports lawn designed for optimum playing conditions.

We believe our range of grasses are unequalled when compared with many of our competitors. SSP’s coloured grasses add an extra dimension to artificial grass , ideal for outdoor carpets.


Latex Backing

The latex backing is very important when comparing grasses. It add stability and ultimately longevity of grass. SSP grasses have a heavy duty backing providing superior longevity .

Stitch rate & Quality

Cheaper grass are less dense produced with a greater stitch rate. This can affect the ability of a grass to rebound after crushing by use. Eventually  causing premature ageing of a surface.

 Types Of Material Used

Poly ethylene, polypropylene, latex and polyamide are used in the manufacture of artificial grass

SSP have carefully selected our grasses from a range of artificial grass manufacturer to ensure quality , reliability and longevity.

artificial grass with slide in playschool garden toddle playing on artificial grassnatural artificial grass playground

artificial grass walled garden around fountainartificial grass garden with football goal netartificial grass garden

History/Development Of Artificial Grass Surface

 The first patent for an synthetic type grass is thought to of been issued in 1967 for a ‘monofilament ribbon file product’ to two inventors of ‘Monsanto Industries. The name astroturf is sometime sued incorrectly as a generic term , but is a registered trademark.  1964 saw the first large scale installation of a synthetic turf called chemgrass at a school in Rhode Island ,USA.

The first generation of turf systems were non-sand filled and short fibers. They were very hard wearing but also hard on players. Synthetic turf systems were developed with shockpads of rubber and foam to provide some impact absorbtion but still allow the ball charactersitics of natural turf. Infill was also developed paticularly for longer and softer pile      grasses . Third & Forth Generation system have further developed .

Artificial grass sports sytems have been widely used in USA and Canada since the 1960’s.

Astro type turf  was used in major league baseball in the Houston Astrodome in 1966. The natural turf in the astrodome had died due the the transparent ceiling panels being painted white to reduce glare by the players. The lack of availability of the fake grass meant only the infield was finished for the first games.

Artificial grass was the preferred choice of flooring due to it’s low maintenance. At the astro dome an ‘astronaught’ dressed maintenance team would hoover the turf clean between innings. Today a range of maintenance equipment is used to clean , rejuvenate and maintain synthetic sports pitches.

In the early 21st century , new artificial playing surfaces using sand and or rubber were developed. The 3g and 4g pitches were a vast improvement on the initial sports pitches. In February 2001 FIFA launched it’s FIFA Quality Concept and announced  from 2005-6 season approved artificial flooring’s were permitted in their competitions.

artificial turf community centre MUGAartificial grass in playground around a story telling chair



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