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Sport Surfaces For Events Exhibitions & Filming

artificial grass sports football surface for temporary filiming

Sports Surface For Events -Football Filming Project

Artificial grass sports surfaces installed for temporary events ,exhibition and filming sets . For a second time SSP working with marketing & promotional company  installed a temporary football pitch. The pitches were used as part of a successful marketing strategy designed to appeal to a digital generation. The pitch was used for filming for the famous F2 Freesylers Billy & Jeeza.


temporary artificial grass football pitch for filming youtube campaign

fake grass sports pitch for filming exhibition football skill youtube

Artificial Grass Sports Surfacing

Artificial grass sports surfacing can be loose laid for events therefore making them easy to remove after use. The carpet like surface provide the same playing characteristic as near as possible to third generation (3g) football pitch. SSP is experienced in the high demands of an event , the second surface was laid and removed with a 24 hr period. The removal taking place in the early hours of the morning and successfully coordinated with the lighting and rigging teams.


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The difficulties of the installation which are extremely time critical  and on sites which often have difficult access are overcome with a dedicated and experienced project manager.

Olympic Park, Stratford Rugby Event

SSP has also installed a temporary rugby pitch at the Olympic park in London as a host city of the rugby works cup. The surface was successfully installed in the fan zone where many community groups were able to enjoy the festival feeling of the Rugby World Cup.

The surface was utilized by Newham council after the event and used for community sports events.

children sports surface rugby fake grass rugby pitch temporary

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