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Outdoor Play Area Flooring in Dair House School

Outdoor Play Area Flooring

Outdoor play area flooring and recycled rainbow plastic fencing transformed the play area for the EYFS children in Dair House School, slough. Both the flooring and the new fencing add colour and safety to the play area.

The playground had a large expanse of natural turf and a flagstone area next to the building. The flagstones were harsh for the children to fall on and were rather dull. The natural turf are became unusable in wet weather and restricted playtime’s. Following consultation with SSP’s project manager,  a combination of wet pour rubber and artificial grass was chosen for the outdoor play area flooring and a colourful recycled plastic fencing.

Artificial Turf Flooring

Artificial grass blends easily with the school surroundings while still providing an ‘all weather surface’ for the children to play on.  SSP 600 Play artificial grass is selected for it softness and robustness required for play area flooring. We only use European artificial turf  to guarantee quality and safety for outdoor play area flooring.

Artificial grass is also available in colours, by far the most popular colour is to add a blue splash, but red, black, yellow and many other colours are  available. Also outdoor artificial grass mats such as hopscotch’s, farm animals and letter snakes are available for inserting in artificial grass out door play area flooring.

Rubber Flooring

The flagstone area around the building was covered in wet pour rubber flooring. The rubber flooring provides a safe and softer surface for children to fall on. it is also available in a wide range of colours. Educational graphics and games can be readily installed into the rubber outdoor play are flooring.

Rainbow School Fencing

The whole outdoor play area was enclosed with recycled plastic fencing in primary rainbow colours. The plastic fencing is 100% recycled hpde and has a 25 year manufacturer construction guarantee. Unlike wood, it wont rot, splinter or corrode and wont fade in the sun. the fencing requires minimal maintenance is bright and colourful for children’s outdoor play areas.

outdoor play area safety surfacing rubber flooring with numbers and letter

outdoor playground flooring children rubber number caterpilar

playground flooring rubber surface with alphabet snake

playground safe play flooring blue artificial grass splash

safe playground flooring schools artificial turf blue and green with a timber boat
playground outdoor children flooring rubber and artificial grass with colorful number snake and blue artificial grass

children's playground flooring artificial grass and wet pour rubber

outdoor play area flooring wet pour rubber with an alphabet snake

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