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MUGA Playground Flooring In Kent School

Muga Playground Flooring

Christ Church CEP Academy, Folkestone, Kent

New MUGA playground flooring was installed over the summer break at Christ Church CEP Primary School, Folkestone. MUGA multi use games area has transformed sports participation in the junior school playground

muga ploymeric flooring red goal half circleMUGA artificial grassblue tennis courts and green football

MUGA playground flooringartificial grass flooring in folkestone primary school

SSP provided plans for the playground flooring to enable staff and pupils to visual the final playground.  Pupil involvement increases a sense of ownership of the playground and promote leadership and group work skills in the evolution process of the final. Teaching staff can use the plan to maximize the use of their budget and ensure the playground includes the differing pupil needs within the age groups and abilities.

Playground design plane school flooring

Children living in the over stimulating world of colourful electronic devices find a dull grey tarmac playground uninviting . Children  of all ages enjoy a bright and welcoming colourful playground.

MUGA multi use games area playground fare available in two choice:

  1. Polymeric Rubber
  2. Artificial Grass-3G,2G and sports grass

Polymeric Rubber MUGA Playground  Flooring

Polymeric sports rubber flooring are granules of rubber held together by a polyurethane binding agent. The top course is coloured high traction top course. It is popular for MUGA, tennis, netball and baseball courts. The most common application is athletics running tracks.

Artificial Grass MUGA Playground Flooring

Artificial grass sports pitches area must for all playgrounds. They can engage pupils and make sports and games  more interesting.

Tennis -Football -Hockey- Rugby-Badminton



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