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Playground Waste ground to All Weather Playground

Manby Lodge Infant school Reception Outdoor Learning Environment Has New All Weather Playground Flooring

All weather playground flooring revitalizes unused playground area.The playground for the Reception Class at Manby lodge Infant School had an unstable rough area.The area had long lost any natural turf and being surrounded by shrubbery and trees, weeds had taken hold.

primary school playground overgrown with weedplayground before safe play area covered in leaves and bushes

After receiving funding for an all weather surface, SSP Specialised sports Products Ltd was contacted. Our dedicated project manager worked with the school from inception of ideas through to the final installation, ensuring a smooth continuous service.

With the ability to offer artificial grass and wet pour rubber safe play surfaces, SSP can offer a wider range of choices for schools than say artificial grass companies.

soft children's all weather playground surface green artificial grass with colourful rubber colurful safe all weather flooring with green artificial grass surrounding red and yellow wet pour rubber flooring

SSP specializes in school playground so you can be satisfied that our artificial grass ranges are best suited to an outdoor learning environments for children. SSP as well play surfaces also has flooring suitable for  sports pitches and older children’s playgrounds. Our Gallery provides a selection of the works and ideas for your surface.

The area was cleared and a type 1 base installed. On top was laid a wet pour rubber and area in yellow and red. The wet pour rubber was surrounded by green artificial grass . This provides a safe covering over a small banked area and an additional blue sea grass feature.

All Weather Flooring Installed

Artificial grass and  wet pour rubber was provide the all weather playground flooring.

SSP600 is available in green, blue, yellow and red, a range of artificial grass graphic mats are also available

Wet pour rubber is a smooth rubber surface and sometime referred to as rubber tarmac. A wide range of wet pour colours are available . It is a dual layered surface. Wet pour can accommodate a wide range of differing fall heights required around playground equipment. Wet pour rubber has been used for many years in school playground. It is the preferred surface in most council playgrounds.
Both wet pour rubber and artificial grass are suitable for commercial playgrounds surface . They provide a hard wearing all weather surface far superior to natural turf or tarmac. For extra softness a foam impact pad or wet pour rubber shock pad can be laid under artificial grass.

Children can safely play on the new all weather surface. The change of texture and differing heights provides an additional interest to the colourful finished area.

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