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Artificial Grass Safe Play Surface In Children’s Day Nursery

Artificial Grass Safe Play Surface

Artificial grass safe play surface softened the small play area in Peacock Children’s Day Nursery.

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A small concrete patio area at Peacock Children’s Day Nursery  was largely unusable by the children. This was transformed with the addition of play fencing , artificial grass and a timber pirate ship.

SSP installed the artificial grass in the summer of 2016 as the final step to making this area more fun and safer.

For young children small play area’s like this can encourage them to spend more time outdoors and therefore to be more active.  Nursery staff can feel more confident to leave the door open for young children to wander in and out  if they are confident of the safety levels in a playground. This can also make a nursery feel much more like home.

Artificial grass play areas in a children’s day nursery proves an almost all weather surface. Artificial grass dries quicker that natural turf . The inclusion of a aggregate or solid base and drainage makes the area’s less prone to puddles.

Artificial grass surfaces can also include an impact absorbing shock pad. Safety surfaces are required around fixed playground equipment in commercial settings. Commercial playground equipment will have a specified a critical fall height.  The critical fall height determines the depth of shock pad required.

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