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Maintaining Artificial Pitches

The importance of Maintaining Artificial Pitches and the consequences of neglecting is becoming more apparent as artificial pitches are being more widely used.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance
Artificial Pitch Maintenance

An artificial pitch represents a substantial investment, purchased with a view to lasting between ten and fifteen years and, as such, demands a maintenance programme that reflects the value of your asset.

Maintaining artificial pitches guidance can be first sourced from the guidelines laid out in the manufacturer’s guarantee, which will help you to identify the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance requirements of your artificial pitch. Aside from recommending best practice, an approved maintenance programme maybe linked to the manufacturer’s guarantee and any  failure in maintain artificial pitches may affect any warranty offered.

artificial grass carpet beore and after rejuvenation cleaning of the sports surface

Artificial pitch installers will detail a set of maintenance duties that must be performed and logged such as basic inspections, litter picking, leaf collection and brushing, through to mechanical sweeping, infill top-ups and decompactions. Equipment for maintain artificial pitches may also be recommended by the installers.  Alternatively for the best equipment for maintaining artificial pitches you can contact SSP. Specialised Sports Products Ltd on 01227 463606 or at

Artificial pitch maintenance may be influenced by factors such as available budgets, performance requirements and proposed usage levels, together with the resources at your disposal that will be  needed to sustain your pitch at a consistently high quality throughout its life.

Maintaining artificial pitches and a programme to maintain them can be introduced at any stage although the benefits are always most apparent when introduced from day one.

Artificial Pitch Infill Application

Machinery for maintaining artificial pitches are becoming more varied and advanced.  Machines for regular brushing, leaf removal, chemical spraying – to the more advanced decompaction, infill top-ups, deeper cleaning are readily available.

Rejuvenation is a process that can only be carried out by a specialist contractor.  Rejuvenation extracts old contaminated infill and replaces it with new.  Rejuvenation is used in maintain artificial pitches generally when draining capabilities have failed.

3G Pitch Cleaning

Regular brushing and mechanical removal of leaf and tree debris, dirt, detritus and broken-down carpet fibres will help to minimise contamination levels, if administered at appropriate intervals throughout the life of an artificial pitch but, ultimately, whether it is the result of insufficient maintenance practices or simply the age of the artificial turf itself, the likelihood is that water will eventually fail to drain away completely.

Should Pitch Managers Use A Specialist Contractor For Maintaining Artificial Pitches?

Cleaning 3G MUGA Pitch

It utilises the professional and trained operatives of a specialist contractor.  It utilises the expensive machinery maintained and designed by a specialist contactor.  It frees up time for grounds staff and care takers to carry out other important tasks.

Contamination Removed From Infill
Contamination Removed From Infill


The most fundamental operations are daily and weekly duties; regular brushing, dragging, litter picking and leaf collection, all of which require minimal time and effort. By completing this work in-house, rather than outsourcing it to a contractor, you can dramatically reduce your spending, freeing up additional funds for more specialist procedures.

It would also be prudent to ensure that you have selected the right company to look after your artificial pitch. Beware of the landscaper professing to include your artificial pitch as part of an overall grounds maintenance package.  Maintaining artificial pitches does require a level of expertise and training as well as a certain amount of investment in machinery.

Maintaining artificial pitches is best carried out by a combination of in-house and specialist maintenance.

Where possible, you should utilise the resources available to you within your grounds team, and invest in some suitable machinery to undertake everyday maintenance tasks, whilst outsourcing the more costly, specialist works to a suitable maintenance provider.

Power Grooming an Artificial Pitch

Regular drag brushing and litter removal can be carried out in house and can then be complemented with regular sweeping, vegetation treatments, decompactions, infill top-ups, deep-cleaning and repair works by your contractor.

The key to the success of a combined maintenance effort is communication; a shared knowledge and continued dialogue between the pitch owner and their maintenance provider ensures that any issues can be identified at an early stage, and rectified before they worsen, with potential implications for the pitch’s overall playing quality and its economic viability.

A programme of routine and specialist maintenance throughout the life of an artificial pitch can help to ensure its longevity and safety, as well as preserving its aesthetics and performance levels.

Working together with your maintenance contractor provides the most economical way to establish a programme of works that falls within your budget, whilst covering the essential processes needed to keep your pitch in good condition.

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