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rejuvenation of artificial clay tennis courts

Artificial Clay Tennis Court - Problems with Lines

New artificial clay tennis courts lines were recently installed by SSP Ltd to a tennis club . The tennis club’s artificial clay tennis courts that were having trouble with their base and service line visibility together with concerns over the standard of the artificial clay infill. As a result the club decided to employ a local contractor to apply a white line paint to ‘brighten’ the lines up with disastrous effects including traction problems for the players. 

SSP Specialised Sports Products Ltd, the experts in artificial clay tennis court maintenance, were called in by the club to offer their advice and provide a viable solution.

artificial clay tennis court lines in white being replaces
rejuvenation of artificial clay tennis courts

Artificial Clay Tennis Court Problems with Infill

The artificial clay courts were found to be in a poor state with the line paint added forming a hard, concrete like crust. The hard crust  affected ball bounce and player safety. The lines had become contaminated with the red artificial clay fill because the courts had not been maintained regularly. The lines had not been brushed off after each session.

Line Brushing Synthetic Clay Tennis Courts After Play
Line Brushing
Dragging Artificial Clay Courts After Play
Drag Mat -redistributing infill

The condition of the fill was poor not only was it poorly distributed over the surface but it was compacted and contaminated especially in the high wear areas.
Taking the advice offered by SSP. Specialised Sports Products Ltd, the club decided to have the old base and service lines removed and replaced with new ones, and have the old fill removed and replaced with new. SSP’s work on the artificial clay courts impacted tremendously on their performance and are some way back to being their original condition.

artificial clay tennis court infill 2mm aboe the pile measured with a 50p
Infill Level Should Be above The Carpet Fibre
artificial clay tennis court maintenance equipment in a storage area
Equipment For Players after Play
machiner- brushes on an red artificial clay tennis court maintenance

SSP Specialised Sports Products Ltd maintenance division manager states 

‘Artificial clay tennis courts are a fabulous surface and I would go as far to say that they are the best surface for clubs to have especially considering our climate but they do have an increased maintenance responsibility from both club members, the players, and the club itself, especially when it comes to having them professionally maintained regularly.

 It is important that the courts are drag brushed after each session of play to bring the dispersed fill back on to the playing area and that the lines are brushed off. We do run sessions at clubs to show members how to drag and brush the courts and what equipment we have found best to use’.

SSP specialised sports products Ltd have a range of information sheets on artificial clay tennis court maintenance and  equipment. 

Below is an video of after play maintenance required by artificial clay tennis courts by players.  Adoption of this after play maintenance is key to keeping the infill distributed on the court for each game and reducing any problems which may occur with the courts ageing.

For more information of artificial clay tennis court maintenance see our page _ CLICK HERE

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