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Rejuvenation of An Artificial Sports Surface

The Rejuvenation of an artificial sports surface will benefit  most artificial sports surfaces including tennis courts, full sized astro all weather pitches and MUGA type surfacesafter a period of time.  This will depend on the use of the surface, its location, and any ongoing maintenance regime but typically 5-7 years.

All weather pitch cleaning

Rejuvenation extracts the existing infill from the artificial grass carpet, including the contamination contained within it, using a high pressured air system leaving the original carpet pile ready to receive brand new infill.  New infill is then applied to the original carpet and brushed in to the correct levels.  This immediately restores drainage through the system and brings the surface back to a nearly new condition.

Extracted Infill From Artificial Pitch

After that given period the infill will begin to break down, contamination build up within the infill will be high, the infill particles may become smaller and compact at a faster rate, the carpet fibres will fold over and weld together, and moss and algae will be more prevelant.  All resulting in a poor draining, poor performing, and slippery surface.

All Weather Tennis Court RejuvenationTennis Court Maintenance

The Rejuvenation process: The surface is swept and cleaned of surface debris. The surface is then subjected to moisture to dampen the sand and bind the infill and the contaminants together. The contaminated infill material is extracted and removed from the artificial grass carpet to a specified depth using a high pressured air system.  Any remaining infill at the base of the carpet is agitated and decompacted. The carpet fibres are separated, opened up and lifted. New infill material is applied and distributed to the appropriate levels.

Artificial Pitch Infill ApplicationArtificial Grass Tennis Court Rejuvenation

Signs That An Artificial Surface Requires Rejuvenation:

  • Loss of traction for players (Slipping)
  • Flooding of the surface or poor drainage
  • Dark Green Slime Appearing On The Surface
  • Severe Moss & Algal Growth
  • ‘Tide Marks’ of debris after rainfall
  • Reduced playing qualities and hardness under foot

Extracted Infill Ready For Collection

Rejuvenation Will:

  • Restore Drainage Immediately Through The System
  • Remove Contamination Build Up Within Infill
  • Open Up & Separate The Carpet Fibres
  • Remove Dead Moss & Algae
  • Remove The Cause Of Algal Slime
  • Increase Traction
  • Decompact Infill
  • Bring The Surface Back To a High Standard

Domestic Tennis Court

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