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Importance of 3G Pitch Maintenance

The Importance of 3G Pitch Maintenance is recommended for all types of artificial grass 3G sports surface to help maintain its intended playing characteristics, safety, and longevity.  3G Pitch Maintenance should be considered on a daily inspection basis, weekly or fortnightly drag brushing, monthly power grooming, and annual deep cleaning.

3G Pitch CleaningAs standard the importance 3G Pitch Maintenance should consist of lifting the 3G Pitch Carpet Fibres, Decompacting the 3G Pitch Rubber Infill, and evenly redistributing the rubber infill so that it supports the carpet fibres.  All carpet joints and seams should be inspected together with play lines and penalty spots.

Annually the surface should be inspected by an experienced person and the infill levels assessed.

3G Pitch Maintenance is an important consideration for all managers and the amount of 3G Pitch Maintenance required can be dependant on the amount of use the surface receives together with the type of sports played and the surfaces location.  3G Pitch Maintenance should NOT be ignored.  It is very important if the playing characteristics and longevity of the surface are to be maintained.

3G Pitch CleaningThe type of equipment used for 3G Pitch Maintenance can range from a heavy triangular drag brush towed behind a compact tractor to more complex filtration units which filter out contaminants from the rubber infill.

3G Pitch Maintenance
3G Astro Turf Pitch Maintenance

Maintaining the correct levels of rubber infill is of vital importance to the performance of the 3G synthetic grass pitch.  Too little infill will affect ball rebound and roll whereas too much infill will affect player fatigue.  High wear areas such as goal mouths, penalty spots, corner areas and entrance and exit points require particular attention especially in relation to compacted rubber infill or dispersed fill that needs redistributing or topping up.

The importance of 3G Pitch Maintenance for schools and other 3G pitch owners should not be taken lightly.  To protect the surface at all times for the pitch performance and player safety is common sense but often neglected.  Daily inspection and footwear management should be paramount.

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