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Artificial Clay Tennis Court Cleaning Maintenance

Artificial Clay Tennis Court Cleaning & Maintenance

Artificial Clay Tennis Court Cleaning Maintenance services are provided to help keep the clay court surface in a good and safe playing condition.

Artificial Clay Tennis Court cleaning and maintenance for surfaces  such as Advantage RedCourt, Smashcourt, Euroclay, Classic Clay and others require a certain amount of maintenance to ensure they perform to their optimum and so they do not become unnecessarily damaged.

Please watch our video of our Professional Deep Cleaning Service below.

This is the minimum yearly clean which is recommended in addition to Daily members cleaning (Part One) and Monthly Grounds person cleaning (Part Two) regime being maintained.

Process include

  • chemical treatments
  • infill decompaction
  • stabilization fibre lifting
  • contamination extraction
  • infill redistribution
  • topping up service.

An extensive range of maintenance equipment for on site teams and players is available together with an advisory and on site maintenance training service.

SSP carries out regular maintenance works on this type of surface with clubs such as


Hurlingham club
The Park Langley Club
Angmering-On-Sea LTC
Sevenoaks Ltc
Synthetic Clay Tennis Court Maintenance
The Lensbury Club
Synthetic Clay Court Cleaning
Bromley Ltc
Sunridge Park
Artificial Clay Tennis Court Cleaning
Old College Ltc
Wigmore Ltc
The Cumberland Ltc
Wentworth Tennis & health club
Halton Ltc
Blackheath Ltc

Please watch our video of our After Play Maintenance.

It is very important to keep the amount of fill on the surface to the correct levels. After all play the surface should be dragged by the players to move any migrated fill back to its original position and the lines brushed. Fill will migrate to the edges over time and an annual or bi-annual service will move this migrated fill back to the playing area. This will not only ensure the surface is performing to its intended characteristics but save on expensive infill top up material.

No surface is maintenance free and artificial clay is no exception. If anything this type of surface requires more maintenance than artificial grass especially with daily maintenance after use by players. A common rule is play for 55 minutes drag brush and tidy for 5 minutes. This will not only serve the court surface well but be a courtesy to other users.

Please watch our video of our Monthly Groundspersons Maintenance

Dragging Artificial Clay Courts After Play
Infill Level Leaflet
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