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Synthetic Sports Maintenance

Artificial Clay Tennis Court Maintenance
Synthetic Clay Tennis Court Cleaning
3G Sports Pitch Maintenance
3G FTP Maintenance Cleaning Agreement for Kent School
Sand Filled/Dressed Astro Turf Pitch Maintenance
Astro Turf Sports Pitch Maintenance Cleaning
Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Maintenance
Artificial Grass Tennis Court Maintenance Cleaning
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Maintenance Processess

SSP Artificial Sports Surface Maintenance

What Are SSP. Specialised Sports Products Ltd Maintenance Services?

SSP Specialised Sports Products Ltd maintenance services for synthetic sports surfaces was established in 1994. Born out of our experience with the emerging artificial grass sports surface market we realised that artificial turf and astro turf pitches and tennis courts were not going to be ‘maintenance free’ as advertised and that with age, use and exposure to the climatic conditions regular maintenance with dedicated machinery would be required. As the use of artificial grass sports surfaces increased so emerged further problems associated with their use and age that needed to be addressed. We developed further machinery and processes to combat the problems that arose.
As the popularity of synthetic grass sports surfaces for football and hockey became more the artificial grass sports surfaces developed further with the advent of 3G rubber filled artificial grass sports pitches for football and rugby and sand dressed dense piled artificial grass sports surfaces for hockey and multi-sport and MUGA use. Tennis courts have developed with synthetic and artificial grass courts and the popular artificial clay tennis courts. As the artificial grass and artificial clay systems are developed our research and development teams at SSP. Specialised Sports Products Ltd develop sophisticated and effective maintenance machinery and processes to help schools and clubs with any synthetic sports pitch or tennis court to maintain them and clean them.

Synthetic Sports Surface maintenance can be preventative or corrective but always all artificial grass, whether it be a 3G astro turf pitch or a sand dressed astro turf pitch, should be maintained regularly and effectively to maximise the longevity of the synthetic grass sports surface and help to keep it in the safest condition possible. Each synthetic sports surface requires certain maintenance services and no synthetic sports or play surface should be considered to be maintenance free. Artificial clay tennis courts, for example, are reliant on the infill levels covering the synthetic carpet fibers with play on the fill not the fibers. Rubber filled 3G synthetic pitches rely on a free artificial grass pile height of around 15mm and a layer of rubber beneath that free pile height to help complete the 3G artificial pitch system. The rubber within the 3G pitch will move and constantly requires redistributing and re-leveling.

SSP. Specialised Sports Products Ltd have fully trained synthetic sports and play surface Operatives who care passionately about the works and synthetic sports surfaces and children’s play surface they maintain.. As an experienced sport and play maintenance contractor, SSP. Specialised Sports Products Ltd are driven towards offering excellent value, service and advice to our clients.3G Sports Pitch Maintenance.

SSP. Specialised Sports Products Ltd we are one of the UK’s leading 3G Synthetic Grass and Astro Turf Sports Pitch maintenance contractors. The cleaning and maintenance of the 3G synthetic grass sports surface is imperative to maintain a safe surface to play sport on. The FA require pitches on which football matches played under their remit to be tested regularly and maintained by a recommended specialist maintenance contractor. SSP. Specialised Sports Products Ltd are an approved FA synthetic grass and 3G pitch maintenance contractor. Artificial Grass MUGA’s Carrying out regular maintenance for a MUGA is very important; there are two main types of maintenance, proactive and reactive. Proactive is the cleaning you do you prevent any damages occurring and reactive maintenance is done to fix and repair any surface problems. If you have a multi-use games area which has been damaged then you should have the issue fixed as soon as possible. This is because leaving damage can make it worse and can increase the amount of reactive specialist maintenance needed. We offer a bespoke service for MUGAs and we have carried out all kinds of maintenance projects across the UK to a high standard for further information visit our new page.

As we are specialists we can design, install and carry out professional cleaning and repairs to a top grade, please get in touch with us if you’d like more information on our MUGA services including an idea of costs for our work.

Artificial Grass Hockey Pitch Maintenance We offer regular maintenance packages as well as Deep Cleaning Services for Artificial Grass Hockey pitches commonly known as ‘Astro’s’. The cleaning and maintenance of such surfaces helps to reduce the build-up of contamination within the sand infill as well as helping to reduce compaction of the sand infill.
Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Maintenance Artificial grass tennis courts have been popular for a number of years and are a tried and tested system. Their maintenance is similar to that of larger artificial sports pitches but because of the increased high wear areas around base lines and volley areas more intensive maintenance to these artificial grass areas are required.

Artificial Clay Tennis Court Maintenance Synthetic clay tennis courts such as Smashcourt, Advantage Red Court, Euro Clay, Classic Clay and Lano Grand Clay require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure they maintain their intended play characteristics and ensure that they are safe for users. Regular maintenance helps keep the infill clean and free draining and at the correct levels. Depending on any maintenance regimes, the location of the tennis court and the degree of use, a synthetic clay tennis surface will require regular maintenance to fulfill its useful existence. Activities such as drag brushing, moss and algal chemical treatments, and regular cleaning of the surface will help keep the surface in good, serviceable condition. The surface should be inspected regularly and any repairs that are required should be carried out immediately.

Artificial & Synthetic Sports Surface Maintenance Processes

Synthetic sports surface maintenance can be by a number of processes the most popular of which are as follows:

Rejuvenation A 6-8 Day Operation for a full sized synthetic grass sports whereby the existing infill including contamination build up is extracted from the surface using high pressured air prior to new infill being applied. Typically for older surfaces that are draining poorly or have become slippery. A Full Rejuvenation is generally carried out on a surface after a 6-8 year period.

Deep Cleaning Service Two day operation whereby the infill is decompacted and lifted and a greater degree of contamination is extracted from the existing infill prior to it being returned to the system. For surfaces suffering from increased infill contamination build up and infill compaction. Most effective during periods of dry weather. The infill is fully decompacted using a MAX 1 Decompaction Unit. The Infill is lifted with a degree of contamination removed from it using a MAX Extraction Unit. The infill is then returned to the surface and evenly redistributed throughout.

Power Grooming Existing infill is lifted. The infill is passed through a MAX 2 vacuum system and subjected to suction to remove a degree of contamination build up within the fill. The fill is returned to the surface.

The existing infill is decompacted and lifted and then returned to the surface.

Infill Redistribution
The existing infill redistributed evenly over the playing surface using a MAX 1 unit and drag brushed using a heavy triangular drag brush and smoothing mat.

Infill Top Up
Top up infill to recommended levels.

Carpet Pile Lifting
The existing carpet pile is lifted, opened up. The carpet pile is back combed to counter a directional laying pile.

Vegetation Treatment
Vegetation spores and seeds removed from within 1m of perimeter edge using a Carousel Unit. A chemical is applied to kill off any existing moss spores to a width extending 1m from perimeter edge.

Seam & Play Line Re-Stick
Loose seams & play lines have new adhesive inserted beneath to re-adhere the joint. The existing infill is decompacted to a specified depth and lifted and then returned to the surface.

Synthetic Sports Surface Maintenance Associations

SSP. Specialised Sports Products LTD are members of SAPCA – the Sport & Play Contractors association

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