Mini Soccer Pitches

For Mini Footballers

A Football Pitch designed To Promote Skills Fun & Inclusivity

small sided football pitches

Mini soccer pitches for a permanent installation or a portable board system with artificial grass surfacing. Mini soccer or small sided football is growing in popularity largely in part by the support of the FA. SSP’s mini soccer pitches have the advantage of being an enclosed system so keeping the ball in play with the quality of surface only seen on full size football pitches.

Ideal as football training grounds they have all the advantages of a full size’astro’ pitch at a fraction of the cost. Installed onto an existing tarmac area prices start from £33,000 for a 18m by 12m pitch including surfacing.

mini football 3g muga

  • Ideals for sports centres ,schools, youth clubs, exhibitions, pop up courts for small sided football , 5 asides and training area’s.
  • Can be installed with a 3g or 4g surface or for multi sports.
  • Available in a range of sizes  e.g 13×20 ,15×30 and 20x40m .
  • System has been widely used  in Germany Constructed and selected for the DFB 1000 mini soccer fields programme to encourage young talent.
  •  Sturdy, robust, and durable .
  • It meets the highest technical and safety standards: TÜV (Technical Inspection Association)
  • Can be equipped with new, patented handrail system for additional safety, comfort and enjoyment for spectators.
  • Modular design allows for expansion
  •  Accessories such as “SoccerNet” side netting, “SoccerGrandstand” seating rows, panel elements and “SoccerLight” lighting.
  • Long-term durability (5 year guarantee)
  • Highest safety standards (TÜV/GS safety certificate).
  • Conforms to all requirements of the DIN standard EN 15312 for free access multi-sports equipment.
  • Perfectly suited to the local neighbourhood environment, with sound-absorbing capacity for lowest noise emissions (engineering reference Zech Ing.ges.LL4329.1/01)
  • Panels may be printed with schools or sponsors logo

Mini football pitch surround net


Sports Flooring For Small Sided Football Pitches

Artificial Grass Football Flooring

Artificial grass football flooring can be either a 3g, 4g or sand filled artificial grass surfacing. For a more portable pitch SSP astro mats system  can be used.

Sand filled artificial football grass is available in variable pile height. A sand filled surface can be used for multi sport as well as football.

3rd Generation or 3g football pitches are sand and rubber filled artificial grass surfaces with 30-60mm pile height of the artificial grass. They offer maximum comfort , ball control and ball roll characteristic. A 3rd generation surface provides all the advantages of an all weather pitch and can stand up to the intense usage of a mini soccer pitch.

4th Generation or 4g soccer pitches have long pile synthetic turf which doesn’t require infill. The 4th generation artificial grass has natural resistance ,the turfs pile springs back when compressed so doesn’t require infill to hold the carpet fibers up.

Astro mat’s are SSP portable artificial grass mats with integrated shock pad. The shock pad contains recycled material from the car manufacturer industry. Each mat is 2.25m by .95m and interlock to provide a robust but fully mobile system.

astro matsAstro Mats artificila grass matt with impact matting

Mini Football Lighting

Football floodlighting extend the use of a mini soccer pitch , especially in the colder moths. SSP’s football floodlighting uses a diffusion system which dramatically reduces dazzle and glare. Depending on the size of the mini soccer pitch 2-4 floodlight tripod mast will be required.


football mobile court floodlightingportable sports court lighting being installed

Mini Soccer Pitch Netting

Netting along the goal side and the goal netting is fitted as standard to all mini soccer pitches. Additional netting along the sides and roof netting may also be selected.

Additional netting can keep the ball safe from traffic and help protect spectators by over exuberance.

Additional mini soccer netting can provide extra security by locking the door , access to the court is limited.

Mini football pitch surround net

Mini Soccer Grandstand

A mini soccer grandstand completes a mini soccer pitch by adding spectator seating.

Quick and Easy to Assemble .

The standard seating has 2 rows of 20 seat per 5 section.

The gradient between the row gives everyone the perfect view, the front row is also raised above the ground.

Available in a variety of RAL colours.

Advertising may also be place on the back of the seating and the area underneath used for storage.

seating sports court football arena