Safety Surfaces Early Years, Nursery School,Pre-schools

nursery children playing on soft surface

Safety Surfacing in  Day Nurseries, Kindergartens and Pre-Schools is considered by parents and staff alike to be essential for allowing the free flow of children between the indoor and outside, to allow outdoor play everyday.

Brightly coloured artificial grass mat with circle shaped forming hopscotchEither Wet Pour Rubber or Artificial Grass is considered suitable for the nursery school environment.   Artificial Grass may be combined with proplay impact matting to provide the critical fall height required around play equipment. Artificial Grass Safety Surfaces can transform a nursery playground and provide all year round play.

Colourful Artificial grass mats can be installed into the safety surface or simple placed on top. Artificial grass mats are particularly use for shared setting where they can be placed out for playtime and rolled away after!

Muddy childrens playarea

Nursery Area -natural turf

soft artificial grass surface in nursery play area

Nursery Area -artificial Grass






Muddy playground with wooden playground equipemnt , blue crocodile in Dymchurch Kent

Nursery Play Area- Natural Turf

Artificial grass in green with wooden playground equipment in school garden

Nursery play Area- Artificial grass







Wet pour rubber is a smooth and soft surface for very young children to play on. Available in a wide range of colours and combined with graphics it provide a soft, colourful and spongy surface for all year round play.  Wet pour rubber and artificial grass may even be combined!

toddler toys scattered on natural turf playgroundbeside church building

Nursery Playground -Natural turf

Church Nursery School Playgroudn with wet pour rubber pathway and artificial turf surface

Nursery playground- After Wet Pour Rubber & Artificial Grass







SSP had over 16 year experience in playground surfacing for nurseries,  including wet pour rubber and artificial grass surfaces. We can offer a complete service from design concept through to completion with dedicated project management.

We offer the following services.

Artificial Grass                          Play Equipment
Wet Pour Rubber                     Thermoplastic Playground Marking
Canopies Sun Shade                 Playground Maintenance